WOMEX Chai Break

Want to learn how the music business operates? How booking agents book artists for festivals? What makes music labels sign-up artists or re-issue old records? Hear Gaurav Narula from the WOMEX team going behind the scenes with music professionals from various backgrounds from across the globe and discover music you have probably never heard before.


Peter Hvalkof

Chai Break with Peter Hvalkof

We spoke with someone who has been a WOMEX delegate for decades and one of the most successful artist bookers in Denmark, Peter Hvalkof, Roskilde Festival and ALICE venue in Copenhagen.

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Steph Rushton

Chai Break with Steph Rushton

We spoke with one of the leading music supervisors in the scene, Steph Rushton who works with Seven Seas Music and juggles various other music projects independently.

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Cyril Yeterian

Chai Break with Cyril Yeterian

We spoke with Cyril Yeterian, founder of Bongo Joe Records, a music store, cafe and a venue based in Geneva, Switzerland and the band Cyril Cyril.

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DJ Rachael

Chai Break with DJ Rachael

We spoke with DJ Rachael from Uganda; one of the first female DJs to come out of Africa who made it big internationally. She is a singer, producer, performer and also the founder of Femme Electronic - a movement that supports female DJs and electronic music producers.

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