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Sound of the Xity

SOTX showcase, by Killarb

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With decades worth of experience in the organization of events and programmes for the creative industries worldwide, WOMEX's dedicated Consultancy & Special Projects team joined forces with Sound of the Xity (SOTX), Beijing.

Established in 2011, SOTX provides professionals with an unparalleled access point to both China's flourishing music scene and the international industry. The SOTX conference 2016 saw 1000 delegates from 120 companies and 25 countries and a big majority of China's dynamic music scene attending. It affirmed itself as the leading gateway between China and the international music world.

SOTX Fest takes place in various clubs and venues, and has enjoyed a growing interest not only from artists (Chinese and internationals) but also from the local audience. Some figures from 2016: 803 artist applications; 40 showcases from 12 countries; around 18,000 visitors. The international acts performed at the Strawberry festivals in both Beijing and Shanghai.

Find a list of Sound of the Xity 2016 speakers as well as links to full programme and schedules on virtualWOMEX here.


"Independent music in China is undergoing rapid development, with a large population base waiting to be tapped and a younger generation that is extremely open to new cultures. Sound of the Xity brings together China’s musicians, music companies, music-related media, sponsors, investors and other related companies. We are the bridge between music content and outlets and open the door to China’s market. If you want to understand just how amazing the developments are here, join Sound of the Xity. I am excited to show you."

Zhang Ran (China), founder/director, Sound of the Xity

"This is my second time and certainly not the last, Sound of the Xity is one of my favourite places for extraordinary talents, looking forward to the next year’s edition!!"

Ivan Milivojev, Exit Festival (Serbia)

"If you want to go to China to do good business, you must attend SOTX."

Neus Borrell, Barcelona Music Export (Spain)

Next edition

Sound of the Xity (SOTX)
Beijing, China
11 - 14 April 2018

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Photo: SOTX showcase, by Killarb.