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WOMEX 19 Top 25 Labels

Top 25 Labels 2019
Congratulations everyone!

In order to celebrate the 25th anniversary edition of WOMEX, as a special for this year we extend our Top 20 Labels list to Top 25 Labels.

This list is made using the monthly playlist charts of World Music Charts Europe and Transglobal World Music Chart – altogether considering 100 radio journalists and broadcasters worldwide. The eligible period is 9/2018 through 8/2019.

Qualifying rules: as we are compiling the chart placing of independent labels in creative production, we are counting the work of individual companies and their A&R teams.
Two or more labels in the same overall company under one direction are counted together. Different, autonomous A&R teams from different company locations are counted separately.

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Here are the Top 25 independent labels:

  1. Glitterbeat (Germany)
  2. ARC Music (UK)
  3. Buda Musique (France)
  4. World Music Network / Riverboat (UK)
  5. Kirkelig Kulturverksted (Norway)
  6. Nordic Notes / CPL Music (Germany)
  7. Fono Records (Hungary)
  8. Outhere Records (Germany)
  9. Muziekpublique (Belgium)
  10. Sterns Music (UK)
  11. Naïve Records (France)
  12. Analog Africa (Germany)
  13. Mais Um Discos (UK)
  14. Cloud Valley (UK)
  15. Urna Chahar-Tugchi (Germany)
  16. Real World Records (UK)
  17. Bafe’s Factory (Finland))
  18. Harmonia Mundi / World Village / Jazz Village (France/USA/UK/Spain)
  19. bendigedig (UK)
  20. Cooking Vinyl (UK)
  21. Smithsonian Folkways Recording (USA)
  22. Aluna (Colombia)
  23. Act Music (Germany)
  24. (Belgium)
  25. Piranha Records (Germany)