• 23-27 OCT 2019
  • Tampere, Finland

Getting There And Around

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has an international airport which is just a 25 km ride form the city centre and the WOMEX venues.

  • Buses from the airport to the city centre run every 20 min, cost only €2,30 and take 20 min.
  • If you are in a hurry a cab will cost you €30-40 and take 15 min only.
  • Or rent a car at the airport (European/international driver's license).

Before you book individually, check tourist packages in your home country.

Numerous airlines travel to Gran Canaria every day. Check the usual agencies and online services to get a good connection from your location. In some cases a flight to neighbouring Tenerife might be an even better deal. In that case there are ferries as well as local flights multiple times per day. (This might also be interesting for you if you fancy a holiday on one of the neighbouring islands after WOMEX.)

Our local partner's partnering agency also offers special discounts on Iberia flights through their booking site, compare with what you find on the web.

In addition to the above options, check Binter Airlines for flight offers from North and West Africa.

The WOMEX team approaches all selected Showcases regarding accommmodation for artists and crew, our local partners are currently working on options for them.

Find out more about public transport, the official taxi service and car hire on the island by visiting the offical Gran Canaria tourist website.

Staying There

Looking for accommodation in Las Palmas? Gran Canaria island is a tourist destination, offering an abundancy of options.


Our Partners Can Help

Our local partners Nordesía and Mirmidón with booking partners Amaia Viajes provide a booking tool offering hotel beds of various budgets and locations. You can contact them with questions and booking requests.

Visit their booking site, and compare with what you find on the web, or
email Viajes Amaia

Tourist Packages

As Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a tourist destination, travel agencies might offer package deals to get to and stay in Gran Canaria which outperform individual bookings of flights and hotel.

Check with agencies in your home country to compare the costs.

More Options

You can find hotels on various booking sites online. If hotels maybe aren't your thing, Las Palmas also has many other accommodation options, including hostels and AirBnB.

Note: If you rent a car, places in the south of the island might also be attractive for you - the south-to-north motorway is a convenient ride.


Beware Of Scammers

Please watch out for dubious services call ups or misleading letters from fraudulent expo companies, offering hotel services or tricking you into payment for directory services. This is a fraud!