• 21-25 OCT 2020
  • Budapest, Hungary

Conferences sessions



Photo by Marilena Umuhoza Delli.

Conversation Between Grammy-Winning Producer, Ian Brennan and Glitterbeat Records Founder, Chris Eckman

Brennan and Eckman will discuss Brennan's latest and sixth book, Silenced by Sound: the Music Meritorcy Myth, as well as Glitterbeat's Hidden Music series for which Brennan has produced six albums. The focus will be on the battle for democracy and equitable representation internationally in the arts. Related to the projects, a short film and photos from Italian-Rwandan filmmaker and photographer, Marilena Umuhoza Delli, will be shown.



Cooperation In Times Of Climate Change
The music industry facing environmental challenges

Chaired by Gwendolenn Sharp (France), The Green Room with Amitava Bhattacharya (India), banglanatak.com; Martyna Markowska (Poland), Katowice City of Gardens; Natalia Oszkó-Jakab (Hungary), Valley of Arts Festival, Kerekdomb Festival, Orvenyeshegy Festival, Startup Safari Budapest, City Events.

In times of complex challenges and growing ecological instability, how can the different actors of the music ecosystem work together towards a greener industry? How can we lower our environmental impact while increasing our positive social one?

This session will focus on detailed case studies presented by the speakers. It will serve as an inspiration to build an argument and share narratives that could help advocate the role of music in the fight against climate change.



Demystifying The Middle East Music Market
Development, labels, live, royalties & streaming in the Middle East

Chaired by Emma Bartholomew (UK), Emma Bartholomew PR with Habib Achour (Tunisia/France), Sacem; Lara Khoury (UK/Lebanon), consultant

This session focusses on artist development in a region that often seems inaccessible to the broader global music industry, mainly due to its very recent inception as part of the global commercial music business. The panel aims to correct common misconceptions, clarify the current landscape, advise on best practices, in terms of local collaborations and partnerships, and outline the opportunities and challenges for artists both within and outside the region. Regional experts will discuss both the development of regional artists locally and globally, looking to develop their careers within and beyond the region, and the development of opportunities for global artists wanting to enter the region.



Governance During Crisis
Sector resilience

Chaired by Reem Kassem (Egypt/United Arab Emirates), Basita Live and cultural foundation - Abu Dhabi

Resilience, in general, is a measure of how much we want to achieve something and how much we are willing and able, to overcome obstacles to achieve it. It has to do with our mental and emotional strength. But, when it comes to a whole sector being affected by a global crisis, that also profoundly impacts other sub-sectors, do we have the formula to follow to ensure the sustainability of the sector and its ability to cope during emergencies?

Expect some tactical pieces of advice and key learnings from previous experiences on 'sector resilience'.



Post Brexit Working UK And EU For All Creative Arts Workers
Yes, we can all still work across new borders and how!

Chaired by Ian Smith (UK), Frusion International and ukeartswork.info, with Rog Patterson (UK), Rog Patterson Tour Management; Mark Ringwood (UK), WemsFest

Within creative arts, a problem exists in terms of freedom of movement. There are legal issues for people working in the arts in and out of the UK and EU after Brexit, compounded by the effects of COVID. Huge misunderstandings on work status, carnets and the effects of legislation on movement of instruments via CITES. Potential impacts of tax policy make for a very confusing picture impacting current and future opportunities. Whatever is agreed between the UK and EU, artists and projects suffer the loss of work via uncertainty and a long lead-in time for the arts industry creating a huge effect on thousands of workers. This session aims to give info for all and especially promoters whose booking decisions are influenced by uncertainty about costs, access to labour markets and more.



Photo by Min Kim

Succeeding, In The Digital Age
Challenges and benefits - indigenous/ folk/ roots music from Colombia/ India

Chaired by Divya Bhatia (India), artistic director & producer, JODHPUR RIFF with Alejandra Gomez (Colombia), Biche; Ritnika Nayan (India), cd baby, MGMH

Regional musicians in India and Colombia find it hard to provide mainstream access to their work. If audiences from around the world want to listen to roots music from Colombia or India, they usually end up finding obvious, stereotyped music/genres that dominate their media and the charts: i.e. Reggaeton or urban in Latin America and Bollywood/neo-pop/classical in the Indian Sub-Continent. The speakers will attempt to layout an authentic, visible road map for interested, curious seekers of such music. Additionally, this conference addresses how artists could create new digital audiences for their root, folk and indigenous music while looking hard at what precise role digital distribution channels could play in their success.



The State Of Mental Health
The creation of mental spaces: share, talk, listen and understand!

Chaired by Sofie Holst Hansen (Denmark), Tempi

This session will speak about the state of mental health in the music business - worldwide! How to create understanding and better conditions for mental health? What changes to make, so in the future, we are open about mental health issues, when things get tough - or too much? What can we do to create safe environments?

Through this network, one can share ideas, thoughts and inspirations on a global scale and change the way we work with our mental health.



Photo by Sunny Singh

What Does The Future Look Like For The Indian Music Industry
Busting the myths and breaking the stereotypes

Chaired by Deborah Smith (UK), Anara Publishing with Tarun Balani (India), artist, drummer, composer and producer; Malini Hariharan (India), Horus Music

There is more to India than just Bollywood. Streaming data shows that Bollywood listenership has stopped growing, and regional and independent music growth is increasing. Join this session to assess if the Indian market is the right place to invest for you and how to get started. Explore what opportunities there are in live, digital, publishing and marketing, whether you are based inside or outside of India. Dive deep into the nuances of music publishing and sync in India. Learn how to work with the local streaming platforms to boost your revenues, market your music to an Indian audience. What opportunities are there to perform, and what fees can you expect from festivals, booking agencies and venues.



Photos by Péter Böszörmény, Eric van Nieuwland, Tomáš Moudrý

Central & Eastern European Network Meeting
Time for increased regional cooperation?

Coordinated by András Lelkes (Hungary), CEO, Hangvető; Martyna Markowska (Poland), Katowice City of Gardens; Anna Mašátová (Czech Republic), Nouvelle Prague and AM Promotions

We invite organisations and professionals to join. What do we gain with WOMEX is hosted in our region? What are the numbers? What are the hot topics? What next? Find out all of this and more.



Guide To The Hungarian Folk Music Scene
Meet the leading organisations of the folk music scene in Hungary

Coordinated by László Kelemen (Hungary), Hungarian Heritage House / Hagyományok Háza

This network meeting brings together organisations which play a leading role in creating, financing and promoting the Hungarian folk music scene both nationally and internationally. The first part will focus on giving a short but closer look on these cultural mediators' work, aims and activities to provide local and regional insight into this year's WOMEX host country's folk music life. The second part will open to questions and discussions, to explore and connect, and to learn more about participants. Expect an informal meeting to meet in person, share news and proceedings, or find potential partners for future projects or cooperations.



Why DIY Music Network Meeting
Inspiring a generation of musicians to DIY

Coordinated by Nani (Noam Vazana) (Israel/Portugal/The Netherlands), artist, Why DIY Music

If you think you need to do it yourself - You Do! Noam "Nani" Vazana founded Why DIY Music in 2019 as a resource for the independent musicians' community. She strives to implement exchange practices and help facilitate genuine relationships between programmers and artists to bridge the ever-growing gap within the industry. Find out what does it mean to manage yourself as an artist and how you can you effectively market yourself to audiences and programmers. Join this interactive and fun network meeting and discover a wealth of practical tips to get more gigs and save time and money. Get closer to where you want to be - give yourself a break into the music market.



Women Of The World 11th Annual Networking Meeting
Hungarian Pálinka party!

Coordinated by Allie Silver (USA/Germany), Free Radical Productions

Women of the World celebrates its 11th annual event at WOMEX in Budapest 2020! This year we invite the ladies of WOMEX to raise a glass of Hungarian Pálinka and discuss the most critical issues affecting women in the industry. Delegates will break into small groups to encourage networking opportunities in a more intimate setting. For first-timers, it's a fun way to meet and connect with others. For the annual WOMEXicanas, you already know: Women of the World unite at WOMEX!