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Interviews with the directors


Are We Punks Or Not?

Photo by Casota Collective

Are We Punks Or Not?

Directed by Telmo Soares

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WOMEX 22 Conference On Demand

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ShoShona Kish by Jen Squires, Sara Ajnnak by Lena Lee, Alfredo Caxaj by Whitney South

All Our Relations

Indigenous leadership and advocacy in the global music community
  ShoShona Kish (Canada), Sara Ajnnak (Sweden), Alfredo Caxaj (Guatemala/Canada)

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Dash Harris Machado, Katelina Eccleston by Vanessa Leroy for Hiffpost, Victor Machado Marafay

Black Resistance Through Music

Afrodescendant musical creation as pathways of survival, kinship & liberation
  Dash Harris Machado (USA/Panama), Katelina 'Gata' (USA), Victor "El Yuco" Machado (Cuba/USA)

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Keron Niles by Kibwe Bathwaite, Rebecca Hazlewood by Sirli Raitma, Anna Johnson, Horst Weidenmüller by Jorinde Gersina

Climate Change and Music

Less talk, more music, more action
 Keron Niles by Kibwe Bathwaite, Rebecca Hazlewood by Sirli Raitma, Anna Johnson, Horst Weidenmüller by Jorinde Gersina

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Ana Rodriguez, Enrique Blanc, Tomás Muhr

Decoding Latam for World Music

A close look at Mexico, Colombia and Chile
  Ana Rodriguez (Mexico), Enrique Blanc (Mexico), Tomás Muhr (Chile)

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Luna Olavarria Gallegos, Jackson Allers by Richard John, Ciel by Keyi Studios


Widening Our Ideas Of Global Music
 Luna Olavarria Gallegos (USA), Jackson G Allers (USA), Ciel (China/Canada)

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Matthew Covey by Dan Efram, Khadija El Bennaoui by Halaqat, Brad Holmes by Bridget Hilton Barber, Stefanie Schumann by Nelly Küfner

Touring Strategies for Artists from the Global South

 Matthew Covey (USA), Khadija El Bennaoui (Morocco/United Arab Emirates), Brad Holmes (South Africa), Stefanie Schumann (Germany)

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An Ecosystem Lens: Putting Brazilian Music Market Into Focus

Mapping the brazilian music industry and trends for the next decade.
  André Bourgeois (Switzerland/Brazil), Lu Araújo (Brazil/Portugal) and Veronica Pessoa (Brazil/France)

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Associated Presentation:
For Artistic Freedom

Transcending Boundaries with the Global Action Network and Digital Toolkit
 Sverre Pedersen (Norway) and Paige Collings (UK/Denmark)

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Photos by Eric van Nieuwland and Kelemen Gergely

Cooperation in Times of Climate Change

The music industry facing environmental challenges
 Gwendolenn Sharp (France), Amitava Bhattacharya (India), Martyna Markowska (Poland), Natalia Oszkó-Jakab (Hungary)

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Demystifying the Middle East Music Market

Development, labels, royalties & streaming in the Middle East
 Emma Bartholomew (UK), Habib Achour (Tunisia/France), Lara Khoury (UK/Lebanon)

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Diasporas Preserving

Transforming societies through music and culture
 Boima Tucker (Sierra-Leone/USA); Tedra Wilson (USA); Rita Maia (Portugal)

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Photos by The Seppis, Thandiwe Muriu, Pedro Margherito

Fostering South to South Relations

How to build strong South to South relationships
 Jess White (Australia/South Africa), Flavio de Abreu (Brazil), Anyiko Owoko (Kenya)

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Photos by Dominic Tyler, James Allan and Katarzyna Kukielka

No Music on a
Dead Planet

Music Declares Emergency & what music has to do with the climate
 Sam Lee (UK), Chiara Badiali (Switzerland/UK), Ula Nowak (Poland), Dan Raffety (UK)

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Play Fair!
A Resiliart Debate

For a more fair and sustainable digital world for music
 Keith Nurse (UK/Saint Lucia); Ana Rodriguez (Mexico); Didier Awadi (Senegal); Ni Bing (China); Lydia Rose (Jamaica); Amani Semaan (Lebanon/France)

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Photo by Esra Osdogan

Record Labels in a
Changing World

New practices, social activism, emancipation and sustainability
 Seb Bassleer (Belgium); Kornelia Binicewicz (Poland/Turkey); Lewis Robinson (UK)

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Photos by Kavi Bhansali, Julián Umbacia, Yeashu Yuvraj

in the Digital Age

Challenges and benefits
 Divya Bhatia (India), Alejandra Gómez (Colombia), Ritnika Nayan (India)

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The Politics of Music & the Music of Politics

Resistance from Beirut’s experimental music scene
 Wassim Bou Malham (Lebanon); Grégoire Couvert (France); Roy Arida (France/Lebanon); Charbel Haber (Lebanon), Racha Baroud (France/Lebanon)

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Veronika Harcsa, André Marmot and Barak Weiss.

Two Jazz

From uncool to phenomenal, from unknown to international - how the role of jazz was transformed in the UK and in Israel.
  Veronika Harcsa (Hungary), André Marmot (UK), Barak Weiss (Israel)

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What Does The Future Look Like For The Indian Music Industry

 Deborah Smith (UK), Tarun Balani (India), Malini Hariharan (India)

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Photos by Kavi Bhansali, Julián Umbacia, Yeashu Yuvraj

Why DJ Culture Matters to Global Music

What role do DJs play in breaking electronic sounds?
Emily Dust (UK); Balraj Samrai (UK); Jamz Supernova (UK)

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Photo of Sonjah Stanley Niaah by Joseph Wellington.

Women and Identity in Reggae Music

Choosing to challenge

Sonjah Stanley Niaah (Jamaica), Simone Harris (Jamaica), Tandra Jhagroo (Jamaica), Sevana Siren (Jamaica), Tricia Spence aka 'ZJ Sparks' (Jamaica)

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