• 23-27 OCT 2019
  • Tampere, Finland

WOMEX 18 Opening: Tránsitos Atlánticos

Every year, WOMEX kicks off with an Opening night, highlighted by the Opening Concert, which focusses on a specific country or musical region and is curated and produced by experts from that area. It celebrates the start of five bustling days bursting with music, networking and cultural exchange and sets the standard for the rest of the expo.

The WOMEX 19 Opening programme will be announced soon.

At WOMEX 18, Germán Lopez was the artistic director and stage host. He touched audiences with a rooted and innovative 21st century approach to performing "island music." His principal instrument, the timple, is one of the grandfathers of the ukulele, and part of the same stringed instrument-family that includes the cavaquinho, cuatro and charango.

He created a programme to reflect the special and particular tri-continental spirit of the islands, inviting The AKA Trio, Aurora, LaBaq and Caracoles.

The 2018 Opening was proudly presented by Jeito: