11/8 Records

music from Salento - South Italy - Balkan/jazz - Jazz - Afro electro jazz - Opa Cupa - Zina - Tarantavirus (elettropizzica)- GirodiBanda - etc.

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11/8 Records… independently founded label and record company with the intent to promote and spread news and musical productions of Salento in South Italy. 11/8 Records was born in the “Hotel Albania laboratory house” in the heart of Salento where poets, jugglers, writers, painters, sculptural artists are always welcomed and accommodated.

The products of 11/8 Records are characterized by a special graphic appearance with which they are presented. They are also the unique proposed works of the artists who put themselves in a reflective attitude, being critic against everyday problems. The music produced by 11/8 Records were also used in films, documentaries, and also for various advertisements.
11/8 Records is also situated is the historical centre (“Chiesa Greca”) of Lecce, where the yellow light of the stone sets the scene of the recording studio on the second floor and forges the creativity of the artists.

11/8 Records also exists to organise events and shows for all its artists, who confront and oppose institutionalisation, to spread art that is free from conventions and annoying critics, giving them a voice.



participating in

  • WOMEX 2012
  • WOMEX 2008


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On Tour

Opa Cupa


"GirodiBanda" - GirodiBanda

"Life" - Black Zone Ensemble

"My Miles" - Cesare Dell'Anna

"Lu_Ragno Impoverito" - Tarantavirus - Cesare Dell'Anna

"Zina" - Zina

"Hotel Albania" - Opa Cupa

"Core" - Tax Free