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We offer great opportunities for the promotion of foreign companies and artists in Brazil.
Labels and artists from all over the world can join the Cast of QUAE and use our platform for distribution and trade with our country. We are a great gateway to Brazil, a country of over 200 million people and the world's seventh largest economy. WE OFFER:
1- ON LINE STORE (Portal for distribution)
QUAE is structured for promote sales and shipping all over Brazil and to many locations in the world. That occurs in a simplified way: direct access to our proprietary integrated platforms, internet websites and social midias..
QUAE is the first digital portal for music from Minas Gerais. In our plataform, you can buy/sale CDs, DVDs, Vinyl or MP3 from hundreds of artists. You can also sale/purchase through our online store (www.quae.com.br) and in our Facebook store. We offer the confort and convenience of receiving products at home, everywhere in Brazil and in all world.
2- PROMOTION ( Digital Marketing Sector )
QUAE has a Field of activities oriented for promotion of artists and products. It operates in integrated manner, connecting and synchronizing various social networks in Brazil and World (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Linkedin. Blogger, brazilian platforms, etc.)
We provide a professional approach in these networks, reaching the potential clients, partners and general public. QUAE is also qualified as Official Google Partner (management of campaigns in search engines).
CONTACT: eugenio@quae.com.br
Mob: +5531 9239-3233
We speak english, spanish and portuguese

article posted by:Eugenio De Castro Ribeiro, 189 Mhz Creative Frequency