"Irene Bertachini" - Kind Irene, black Irene

Kind Irene, black Irene


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  • artist:Kind Irene, black Irene
  • featured artist:Irene Bertachini
  • region:Minas Gerais
  • release year:2013
  • style(s):MPB, World
  • country:Brazil
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record posted by:189 Mhz Creative Frequency
  • label:Independent
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The album reinforce a striking feature in the artist’s work: the composition. Eight of the thirteen tracks in the album have her authorship. Creative songs, full of imagery references. Aspects enhanced by unusual and inventive instrumentation designed by the musician Leandro César. A playing with timbres from glass, porcelain and wooden marimbas, among other instruments.
Within the repertoire, some songs stand out: "Para seu amor, Rosa” (For your Love, Rosa) - authored by the singer, it’s a delicate and nostalgic samba-choro; "Aos pés do mar" (At the feet of the Sea) - in partnership with Leandro César and "Dia bom" (Nice Day) - a partnership with Gustavito which recalls the fantastic universe of childhood. "With humour and delicacy, "Irene preta, Irene boa", is a happy artistic meeting between poetry and musicality. It draws outlines for an imaginary world, from sea to sky, where the end point is the song", says Irene.
The album title was inspired by the poem "Irene no céu" (Irene in Heaven) by Manuel Bandeira. In the song "Licença" (Excuse-me), the composer converses with writer and brings out the possibilities and meanings of poetic work. The album also brings together compositions of Belo Horizonte contemporary music new talents such as Luiza Brina and César Lacerda - “Casa na areia” (House on Sand); Alexandre Andrés and Bernardo Maranhão - “Canto da formiga” (The Ant’s Song); Gustavito - “Caverna do sapato” (The Shoe Cave); Makely ka and Rafael Pimenta - “Síntese” (Synthesis) and “Açude Verde” (Green Weir) by acclaimed Sergio Santos and Paulo César Pinheiro. The work was directed and produced by the composer Felipe José and featured arrangements of Rafael Martini, Rodrigo Lana, Leandro César and Gustavito. Among those who took part in its recording are the UAKTI Group percussionist, Decio Ramos, Kristoff Silva and the bassoonist Romeo Rabello.
The album received great reviews on important national and international websites and radios such as the "Keep it Alive", "Jardim da MPB", "Album Itaú Cultural" and the Japanese radio "Sense of quiet." It was considered one of the best albums of the year by the websites "Embrulhador" and "Jardim da MPB".
"The feeling I had when I listened to Irene Bertachini’s first album was as if tasting a different and flavourful fruit, having to be aware of all the nuances of that flavour. The album is rich for many reasons: the compositions, the arrangements, the sincerity and truth of the interpreter. Originality is everything, and Irene has shown, in her first step, what she is looking for. I hope she never stops!"
By Sérgio Santos, songwriter.