Irene Bertachini

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  • WOMEX 2014

Irene Bertachini is a singer, composer and flutist. She entangles her work voicing poetical images of popular culture and contemporary music. She presented her first solo album “Irene preta, Irene boa”, which was released in 2013, to the public in a tour around Minas and São Paulo. Irene has idealized and created the project of a group of independent artists - A.N.A. and held the artistic direction of their album, released in 2014. She is a member of the group Urucum na Cara, who have released the album “À Beira do Dia” (The Brink of the Day). Irene has joined several albums projects, performing both as a composer and as a singer in the album “Elas de Minas” (Women from Minas) and as a singer for Gustavito’s album “Só o amor constrói”, (Only love can build up). Besides, she was part of the cast in Titane’s video concert “Titane e o Campo das Vertentes” (Titane and the Hillside), who she joined for a tour around Brazil.

Irene Bertachini

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