Helder Moutinho

Helder Moutinho
Helder Moutinho
  • country:Portugal
  • region:Lisboa
  • style(s):Fado
  • label:Valentim de Carvalho
  • type:Quartet
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, string
  • artist submitted by:21 Music

Line up

  • Ciro  (Acoustic Bass)
  • Helder Moutinho  (Voice)
  • Marco Oliveira (Acoustic Guitar)
  • Ricardo Parreira (Portuguese Guitar)


“Moutinho sings the melancholic words of his songs, product of the most genuine Portuguese culture. (…) The concert’s second part was the exaltation of love and nostalgia”

Gijòn, Eloy Mèndez

Helder Moutinho represents “la crème de la crème” of Fado Tradicional. A composer and unique performer Helder is one of the few Fado Artists that is still linked to his strongest roots, where it all began, the Casas de Fado (Fado Houses).

In 2015, Helder is touring is latest record “1987” his most acclaimed album to date, where he brings Traditional Fados & Poetry from the XXI Century to the world stages.

Helder Moutinho as performed in some of the biggest international stages: the Lincoln Center (New York, USA), the Chicago World Music Festival, Concertgebouw (Amsterdam, The Nethlerlands), the Rudolstadt World Music Festival (Germany), the Ulsan World Music Festival (South Korea) or the Palais des Beaux-Arts (Brussels).

Today Hélder Moutinho occupies a privileged place in the world of fado and Portuguese music, being recognised as one of the most important Fado Artists of XXI Century.