2 Be Musik

Sidy Talla plus connu sous le pseudo "Diss-Crimination", est artiste compositeur - arrangeur, CEO du label sénégalais 2 Be Musik. www.diss2bedaxe.com

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2 BE MUSIK is a Senegalese hip hop (rap) music label that brings together producers and beat-makers; it was established on February 10, 2007 in Dakar by Sidy TALLA (aka "Diss-crimination" or "Disstyle"), Bamba DRAMÉ (aka "Afro"). "2 Be" derive from "dë bë daxé" which is a Wolof expression that literally translates as DIY. Self-taught and passionate about urban music, 2 Be MUSIK leaders aimed at actively contributing to the development of the industry in Senegal by setting up the company. Indeed, not only this group of friends made up of young people spontaneously started producing "DIY" music, their music conveys meaningful messages through the sounds, melodies and rhythms they use to live and share their passion for rap. Furthermore, these three principles underlie the label's philosophy: courage, patience and humility. 2 BE MUSIK integrates the contradictions and dualities that punctuate life: positive vs negative, good vs the evil and wealth vs poverty. Indeed, according to the label's initiators, it is in the midst of these contradictions and dualities that anyone can discover their strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, one can easily find their way forward and evolve positively. It is with this mindset that this group of young beat-makers and producers have been making their way for over 10 years now. The label has its own recording studio located in Ouest Foire. 2 BE MUSIK is a label surfing on the wave of a movement that pushes for change through sound and music revolution.

"Our main objective is to provide our artists with all means necessary that can ensure them genuine artistic freedom, by putting their talents and messages on the track of success. We want to share our passion for music with the public and discover new talents from all musical horizons. Eclecticism is clearly our main asset on which we can rely to become a major label in the record industry. Managed by a staff dedicated to sharing its know-how, 2 Be MUSIK Prod can provide you with the editing and executive production of your musical projects. We will give you advice and put you in touch with our network of professionals working in the sector.

2 Be MUSIK Prod is a label that is 100% committed to the artistic development of its artists.

In addition, we are committed through our management and booking to creating concerts opportunities, organizing interviews and shows in order to showcase your skills among as many professionals in the sector as possible."

Key facts and figures about 2 Be MUSIK Prod:
In 10 years, we have signed 6 solo artists. We have released 10 mixtapes, 4 EPs, 2 maxis, 2 albums, 5 Beat-tapes and 15 videos.

Vos productions :
27 Mai 2016, 2BE MUSIK l’EP, un projet en commun des artistes du label (Paps, Maybe, Rk, Enef, Adn).
23 juillet 2016, la production tant attendue du jeune Maybe #DRM
2016, Psychopaps Paps https://www.deezer.com/fr/album/15230313
Mai 2017, maxi de l'artiste Maybe #ÑariDërëm
25 janvier 2018, Urgences la première mixtape de Julio l’Absolu / https://www.deezer.com/fr/album/56827532
vidéos : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lz7rjLDVeI0

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  • WOMEX 2018


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