Line up

  • A. F. Diaphra (MC, vocals)
  • André Cabral (dancer)
  • André Silveira (bass)
  • Catarina Limão (VJ, vocals)
  • Gonçalo Cabral  (dancer)
  • Ivo Filipe da Costa (drummer)
  • Mpula ( electronics, vocals, percussion)


Combining samples of classic 1970s Angolan tracks with modern electronic dance music in a full-on live show with dancers, live samples, MCs and visuals, Batida is a cutting-edge collaborative project with its feet firmly rooted in the past. It's the brainchild of Angolan-Portuguese producer, Pedro Coquenão aka DK Mpula and developed out of his radio show presenting new African music on Portugese national radio. Finding lots of new urban electronic music around but not much using traditional elements, he began to make up his own mixes and drop them in the show uncredited. Encouraging reactions prompted him to send out instrumentals to rappers in Angola and Lisbon who sent back socially current vocals which Pedro and producer Beat Laden worked on to make the album that made the live show that makes everybody dance, Batida!