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  • Mauricio Candussi (Piano / accordion / electronics)
  • Raphael Evangelista (Violoncello)
  • country:
  • style(s):
    • Electronic
    • Latin
  • label:
    not signed
  • type:
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  • instrumentation:
    instrumental, electronic
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DUO FINLANDIA realizes a fusion between South American rhythms and sonorities, folk and electronic music, flirting with jazz, playing accordion, violoncello, keyboard and electronical sounds. Mauricio Candussi (Argentina / accordion, keyboard) and Raphael Evangelista (violoncello) took their personal influences, the traditional rhythms of their countries of origin they grew up with. Evangelista immersed himself in Forro and Afoxé nordestinos, Bossa Nova and Congada from Central Brazil. On the other side of the frontier, Candussi was interiorising Milonga Campera, Zamba, Tango and other typical musical environments of Argentina. Despite their deeply-rooted origins within traditional popular culture, the two of them grew up in great urban cities, which magnified their cultural outlook with more contemporary musical influences, such as electronics and jazz. Duo Finlandia is the result of the cultural and musical life of these two artists. Since their creation in 2010, Duo Finlandia made 5 albums (the 6th will be released on February 2018), more than 350 shows in 17 countries of Latin America and Europe. They were highlighted in the international press and received various awards (among them, Best Instrumental Band 2011/Hangar Hangar; Top 10 of the Brazilian Band 2015/Showlivre and Top 20 of the Best Brazilian Albums 2015/Embrulhador).




Duo Finlandia by Kazuo KajiharaDuo Finlandia by kazuo Kajihara (1)Duo Finlandia by Kazuo KajiharaDuo Finlandia by Kazuo Kajihara (3)Duo Finlandia by Kazuo Kajihara (4)


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La Milonga


Tierra del Campo


Homenagem as Lavadeiras


Que vivan los carnavales


Oria (live in São Paulo)

Recording during a show in São Paulo (Brazil)


Tapioca Nordestina


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La Milonga
Oria and Nandhara in live
Homenagem as Lavadeiras

Tribute to the traditional choir of laundry workers of Jequitinhonha that sing songs from the colonial era while they mop clothes on the riverbank.

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