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Great mix op snappy rhythms, french chanson & malian style harmonies
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Line up

  • Band: members of Njava
  • Marc Pinilla (Vocals)


the story began 3 years ago in Mons, Belgium, when 3 musicians (& brothers) from Madagascar*(formerly of Njava) got in touch with a young Belgian guy with italo hispanic roots. There was something special in the air that day, a few months later Suarez released a very sunny acoustic debut album ("On attend"). The 3 singles taken from this record reached the playlists of all good belgian radio stations. With more than 150 gigs in Belgium, France and Holland, the band built up a strong live set and an intimate relationship with their numerous fans.
The new album 'L'indecideur' (the man who can't make up his mind) once again proves that Suarez have a knack for infectious and catchy songs The album lineup includes the singles "Qu'est-ce que j'aime ca" and "L'indecideur" and an introverted version of "Por que te vas" (from the 70'es Carlos Saura movie Cria cuervos). Their single "Qu'est-ce que j'aime ca", a summer anthem with Malian sounding harmonies - is prominent on the belgian airwaves during summer & fall of 2010.
Suarez show a real gift for instant, crispy melodies, lyrics in the best french tradition, and their music can best be described as a 'chanson world music edge'.
Given their strong ties with Madagascar, the group decided to support a local project for reforestation. All proceeds of the single "Qu'est-ce que j'aime ca" will go to the NGO Graine de vie * (Trees for Madagascar).
* ON NJAVA (now the Suarez musicians)
One of the most exciting bands from Madagascar, Njava has been attracting international attention since their crowd-rousing set at the WOMAD Festival in 1995. Njava brings a modern sensibility to the traditional music of their homeland. Initially an electric band, Njava began focusing on traditional music after moving to Brussels, Belgium, in the early '90s. Since then the group has been awarded prizes from Radio France Internationale, Voice of Asia, Africolor, Transmusicales de Rennes, and Womex. Njava has toured throughout Europe and performed at leading world music festivals in North America. Two superlative CDs were recorded for EMI: Vetse and Source. Their debut album, Vetse, was produced by influential Japanese producer Makoto Kubota. The group features Monique "Monika" Rasoanirina on vocals, Gabrielle "Lala" Raharimahala on vocals and percussion, Theogene "Dozzy" Randriamanpionana on guitar, marovany, and vocals, Patrick "Pata" Randriamanjava on percussion and vocals, Maximin "Max" Randriamanjava on bass and vocals, and Serge "Luc" Rakotomalala on guitar, percussion, and vocals.