A Panda do Sol

Samba de Raiz // Brass ensemble // Transatlantic Sonic Nostalgia

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A story of love for Samba music and soulful intercultural rhythms.

The Brazilian Samba and brass ensemble "A Panda do Sol" started its musical journey in 2016, founded by French composer, guitarist and vocalist Félix Huet. The artists have been creating their own Sambas and blending them to the musical & cultural background of each musician, creating a unique language on a base of traditional Brazilian percussions and harmonics.

"Panda" is a growing project which gathers today up to eight women and men from Brazil, France, Colombia, Germany & Spain.

The band's first album "Fôlego" portrays the beginning of their musical path and forecasts compositions about nature, love and death, in the image of the first Sambistas of the era, joining poetry and rhythm. It was released in September 2019.

Their new project "Homenagem" is a direct homage to some of these composers who inspire them. It was released under the label os Sungroove Records in May 2022.

Although their inspiration comes from the roots of the traditional Brazilian music, their essence is very young. The band prones a new status for women in traditional music and poetry.


“Samba from Berlin? Why not? There has been plenty of Choro coming from unexpected places recently, but not so much it seems of its generic successor. Specifically, this mixed-sex international ensemble based in the German capital take on the sub-genre of Samba de Raiz, or Roots Samba.

After a debut album of their own compositions, Homenagem constitutes an homage in eight songs to eight different composers linked with a musical tradition that was the catalyst for the outfit’s formation in 2016.

Musically and lurically, they remain true to the originals apart from a little inventive inversion, turning major key tunes into minor and vice versa. The instrumentation is samba-classic but with an emphasis on brass that gives the longest track, “Filosofia”, the loose and lusty feel of a new Orleans marching band. Trumpet, trombone, tenor sax and clarinet share the solo duties and lead vocals are divided between male and female voice, together lending colour and variety. "

Songlines Magazine, Aug/Sept 2022


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  • WOMEX 2021


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