Aboal Vázquez, Marcos

Pulpiño Viascón ( Marcos Aboal Vázquez) is a Galician artist, orchestra man and multi-instrumentalist in Dallecopé, Trikimachín, Organeta.etc

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Marcos Aboal Vázquez (Pulpiño Viascón), multi-instrumentalist musician and orchestra man based in A Coruña with more than 25 years of professional experience on stages throughout Europe, playing drums, accordion and voice in Galician groups: Os Diplomáticos de Monte Alto, O Jarbanzo Negro , Bonovo, etc., and collaborating on albums with Manu Chao, Susana Seivane, among other artists. Performer of musical saw, he toured in theaters for 3 years in the presentation of Os Libros Arden Mal, together with the writer Manuel Rivas. He worked at the Kran circus in Switzerland from 2000 to 2004 and at the Ronkalli circus as a clown musician in Mozart's magic flute show in Berlin. Pulpiño Viascón adapts its shows and themes to the needs of each event with its shows Dallecopé, Trikimachín, Zanfomachín, Gaitamachín, A Organeta

Artistic modality: Live music,
All public.
Duration of the show: 60 min Location Outdoor or indoor space.


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  • WOMEX 2023


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Actuación de Pulpiño Viascón 6 Agosto, Corme

Concierto pasarúsas de A Trikimachín en Corme...