Tuto Ferraz


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  • country:Brazil
  • region:São Paulo
  • style(s):Instrumental, World
  • label:not signed
  • type:Small Ensemble
  • instrumentation:instrumental, brass
  • artist posted by:Acalanto Produções Musicais

Line up

  • Agenor de Lorenzi (Guitar)
  • Clayton Souza (Tenor Sax)
  • Pepe Cisneros (Rhodes)
  • Sidiel Vieira (Bass)
  • Tuto Ferraz (Drums, Composition and Musical Arrangements)


Composer, Drummer, Producer Tuto Ferraz brings to the scene his latest album, Funky Jazz Machine. Featuring some of the best Jazz musicians in Brazil performing his original compositions, Tuto creates an attractive blend of Brazilian melodies and rhythms with a sound inspired by the Jazz Masters of the late 50's and early 60's.

"...it won’t be a coincidence if you feel transported to some studio of some classic jazz label, like Blue Note or Prestige, (...) important influences for Funky Jazz Machine’s leader." Carlos Calado (famous jazz critic from Brazil)

“Sophisticated Blend!” Kiko Ferreira - “Jornal Estado de Minas”

“AA+” Jornal Valor Economico

"The idea (his record) would surely make Bill Evans, John Coltrane, Miles Davis and many other jazz geniuses return from beyond to another Jam session. Just listen to the six tracks from his album to realize that Tuto (with a degree at Musicans Institute, CA) has the same verve of some of their idols. As expected, it all comes packed with typical Brazilian rhythms, among them samba and choro. Very Fine Thing!" - Daniel Japiassu - Estado de S.Paulo - Caderno 2 - Direto da Fonte

"Jazz (specially that of the turn of the 50's to 60's, on labels such as Blue Note and Prestige) and samba are the engines of this organic process, as introspective as danceable." - Silvio Essinger - O Globo - Segundo Caderno

"The melodic groove blends Samba and and Gafieria under predominance of more classic jazz, including times when we can hear a sort of "cool" version of a "big band." - Manoel da Costa Pinto - Folha de S.Paulo - Revista São Paulo

"...It is a fact that the new scene is filled with great talent(...), but few are capable of conceiving such attractive and contagious melodies as Tuto Ferraz." Jocê Rodrigues - Vermelho magazine


Tuto Ferraz
Drummer/Producer/Composer from Brazil active in all those areas of the music business since the mid 90's, started playing drums at age 11 in 1978, went to Santa Marcelina College ( in São Paulo) for Composing and Conducting in 1988, and began his professional career after attending the Musician's Institute/California in 1991.

In 2014 Tuto Ferraz brings his latest jazz album/project, Tuto Ferraz Funky Jazz Machine, available live in Trio Quartet or Quintet formats, released in December 2013. Featuring exclusively his own compositions, the CD is a nice blend of brazilian melodies and rhythms with a sound inspired by the jazz of the late 50's and early 60's.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tuto in his own studio, he went for a more classic sound, recording all the musicians in the same room with no headphones, resulting in a melodic, organic and sincere music, being his most personal work so far.

Among his major influences, Miles Davis, Tom Jobim, Milton Nascimento and Earth Wind & Fire, are accompanied closely by Elvin Jones, Keith Jarrett and James Brown.

Tuto is also known for his work with Grooveria Electro- acústica, a musical collective he leads since 2001, and whose weekly jams sessions attracted musicians and artists from all over the world, being the spot in São Paulo, Brazil's largest city, to watch and interact with live spontaneous music.Every Tuesday the likes of Ed Motta, Soul Live, Toninho Horta, Simon Katz (Gorillaz), Marcelo D2, Fernanda Abreu, Tony Hall, Jair Oliveira, Cindy Blackman and many musicians from Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Recife and São Paulo, would eventually gather under Tuto's guidance for memorable nights of jam sessions that went till after hours.

Grooveria #1 CD (independent 2005) is a result of many of these sessions, featuring many of the above as special guests.

Long time partners, Seu Jorge and Max de Castro, are featured on the band's live CD/DVD (Universal Music 2009). The DVD reached during 7 weeks the Brazil’s top 20 most selling DVDs reaching the 12th position.

From October 2013 on, Tuto Ferraz is the Music Editor of an online music magazine named MUZK (www.muzk.com.br).







Contacts: contato@acmusicais.com