Ackland, Jody

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As an independent professional Jody is working in various capacities and with numerous clients around the world, as a consultant, producer, programmer and agent.

As a Programmer and Curator, Jody specialises in world music and Irish traditional music; as well as all artforms and genres of international performing arts (dance, theatre, street arts, etc).

As a professional Fundraiser and Project Manager she develops artistic projects and international collaborations, from organising Tours/Bookings throughout Ireland, Europe (and India), to producing large scale collaborations between musicians of different countries. Her current production ATLANTIC ARC ORCHESTRA features some of the most celebrated traditional musicians from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and Brittany. As an Agent she also represents Irish groups ALDOC and TRIAD.

With a background in festivals, she was the Founding Director and Programmer of one of Europe's largest and televised world music festivals 'Festival of World Cultures', Ireland ('01-'10), the Producer of Ireland's nationwide Music Day 'Love Live Music', Programmer for the 'City of London Festival' and is currently a Consulting Manager to Dumbworld Productions an ambitious multi-disciplinary arts company that produces large scale opera and classical productions with orchestras and members of the public.

Jody was a Showcase Consultant to WOMEX|Horizons 2013 and a WOMEX Conference Juror in 2015. In 2016 Jody will participate in the Conference Session, 'A CHARTER FOR WORLD MUSIC' chaired by Zone Franche on Friday 21 Oct at 12:00

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