Africa Oyé

The Africa Oye Festival takes place in Liverpool every June in Sefton park Liverpool, UK. We programme Live Music from Africa and the diaspora.

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Having grown from humble beginnings as a series of gigs across Liverpool’s city centre in 1992, Africa Oyé is now not only the largest celebration of African and Caribbean culture in the UK, but also one of the biggest in Europe. Each year, the festival attracts a footfall of approximately 45,000 people from all around the UK and abroad.
Artists from over thirty countries have graced our stages over the past two decades including Femi Kuti, Papa Noel, Freddie McGregor, Tinariwen, Baaba Maal, Fatoumata Diawara, Mokoomba, Osibisa and Marcia Griffiths. UK-based artists also feature alongside these titans of world music.
With too many negative representations of Africa frequently shown, Africa Oyé seeks to establish a balance and highlight the fantastic range of cultures, foods, music and artists that make this great continent so vibrant and inspiring. The festival is a truly international event that harnesses the spirit of multiculturalism and tolerance, helping Liverpool lay claim to its ‘World in One City’ status.
Our vibrant festival continues to add a more diverse element to the city’s already renowned rich heritage in arts, music and literature.
In addition to live music, the festival features The Oyé Village which consists of over eighty stalls selling food and drink from all over the world, arts and crafts, African clothing, hair demonstrations, face painting, and much more, in addition to the Oyé Inn.


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stand number WOMEX 23: 83-86, 215-218


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