Afrikän Protoköl | Afro Groove from Burkina & Belgium @ Stands 139

Hi womexicans, this year again, Afrikän Protoköl is represented at Womex by delegate Guillaume Van Parys. Meet us at the Belgian stands 139. Come to say hello!

Afrikän Protoköl is the Afro Groove Sextet of Belgian saxophonist Guillaume Van Parys. Jazzy riffs, groove and improvisations merge together into a warm and festive transcontinental fusion. Established in Burkina Faso in 2013, the band releases its second album Beyond The Grid in 2017. With a rhythmic section from Burkina Faso and horns from Belgium, Afrikän Protoköl proposes a colourful and dynamic show; an original music with universal appeal.


Beyond The Grid New Album Cover

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