Agência Produtora

With more than 15 years of experience in show business, the company managed by Julio Quattrucci Junior, has a team of highly experienced professionals

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The professional day to day of Agência Produtora is not only about promoting and organizing good quality concerts, but also assuring the entire infrastructure to support the best events in Brazil.

This is exactly what makes us unique in the Brazilian show business.

With more than 20 years of experience in this business, the company managed by Julio Quattrucci Junior, has a team of highly experienced professionals, who are able to produce, promote and take care of all logistical aspects in the organization of quality events for our customers.

Julio has William Wagner as his partner. Willian worked as an accountant from 1991 to 1997. In 1998 he started his new successful career as a lawyer. He is specialized in Image, Tax and Contractual Rights. Besides his partnership at Agência Produtora, he has important clients in the Brazilian show business, such as: Falamansa, Los Hermanos, Teatro Mágico, Bruno e Marrone, among others. With his experience in Image Rights, he also has many other Brazilian celebrities as clients. His job at Agência Produtora includes not only accountability, but also making sure that the company’s cast receives the most updated law advisement.

Whoever thinks people in the show business don't work with a strict organization and business structure is wide off base. Agência Produtora’s main task is not just to organize your event; we manage to foresee all the possible problems and look after every aspects of its organization, in order to achieve the satisfaction of the stakeholders and the absolute success of your event.

And due to its professionalism and good reputation in the market, the Agência Produtora has nowadays the largest cast of Brazilian artists, with all music styles from Folk music to Pop Rock, Heavy Metal, MPB, Funk, Samba Rock and Hip-Hop.
Sales Team

Besides being able to offer the best rates and the best organization of your event in Brazil, our sales professionals know the need and importance of a custom and best qualified service. That’s exactly what keeps their solid growing customer list, which includes all size of organizations, from small companies like local producers, the largest Brazilian music festivals, working nation and worldwide.

With several professional courses to update their unique skills in Sales and Customer Service, our team is able to understand the demands of the corporate music market and to always offer the best possible solutions.

Overseas Promotion
This department has been implemented to enhance overseas promotion, strengthen communication and relationship between the Agência Produtora, its cast and events and foreign show business industry, also to drive the export of some of the Brazilian’s greatest artist and musicians to the best labels and venues around the world. This department is responsible for organizing promotional briefings and seeks out for the best partners abroad.

The Keynote Speakers

This department has begun this year, here you can find the right celebrity, actor, actress or speaker for your event or campaign. The qualified and diversified group of speakers that we present to you is sports players, businessman and writers that are ready to minister the best in motivational speech or a number of other subjects in a clear and professional way.

Department of Administration

Here our staff is ready to give all support regarding payments, stock management, documents in general, tax issues among other regular office activities.
Pre-Production Department
The Pre-Production Department, also known as DPP, has just been implemented at Agência Produtora and one of its main goals is to create partnerships between the agency and its suppliers and customers, to optimize all the aspects of our Supply Chain. These partnerships ensure the quality of our events not only to our customers, but also to the artists we have the privilege to work with.


Agência Produtora has also a distinguished team of producers, who take care of the relationship between the artists and our customers, in order to offer the best quality concerts to the public. It’s these professionals who organize logistic and bureaucratic aspects, to ensure the quality and promote a smooth relationship. Our team is composed of professionals with large experience not only in the Brazilian market but also in the international market.

Press Department

Our Press Department works not only to promote the events of our company and our cast of artists, but it is also responsible for answering questions, supporting and assisting the local press adviser offices with the promotional and press release related to the event or artist. Therefore the credibility of our events and our cast is well preserved in every place we organize our events, either in Brazil or abroad.

Mailing and Marketing Department

This is the department responsible for searching customers and partners; its responsibilities also include customer relationship, market strategies and design concept.

Law Department

This department is responsible for the contracts analysis and elaboration in general, including products licensing and all legal matters involving labels and publishing houses. Not forgetting, being important advisers to our cast and clients in any given situation.


Our Sales Team, Overseas Promotion, Communication Department and our Production crew work together in an online space created by the company, which enables Agência Produtora’s personnel to work smoothly and in a dynamic way during the organization of our customers’ various events. In the company’s home page on the net, it is possible to find all the updated information regarding technical riders, releases, press photos, as well as updated news about the agency’s cast.

And do not forget: to turn your event into a success is exactly the main expertise of Agência Produtora‘s team!!

If you are a brilliant artist, the show you are looking for is here!



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