Oswaldo G. Pereira

Oswaldo G. Pereira


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Line up

  • Jam da Silva (Percussion)
  • Luís Filipe (7 string guitar)
  • Marco Túlio (Saxophone)
  • Oswaldo G. Pereira (Voice and guitar)
  • Pedro Aragão (Bandolim)


When he was a child, Oswaldo G. Pereira fell in love with Brazilian music from the twenties and the thirties. His favourite pastime in his childhood was to search 78s at the second hand shops in Rio de Janeiro containing performances of Francisco Alves, Mario Reis, Carmem Miranda and other idols of the golden era of Brazilian music.
A defining moment of his musical career happened at the age of eight, putting on the record player the original version of the samba "Com que roupa ?" in the voice of Noel Rosa. The agile rhymes and the neat melodies of the poet from Vila Isabel marked the boy to such an extent that from that point on, he dived into the work of Noel, Lamartine Babo, Ary Barroso and Sinho. Inspired by these composers, Oswaldo created his own pre-bossa-nova authorial style with the musical "calligraphy" of the Ismael Silva and Bide sambas of the Estacio neighborhood.

He entered the Carioca music and poetry scene by participating, along with many artists of his generation, in the multimedia project CEP 20.000. This was where he collaborated with the group Boato and Pedro Luis e a Parede. His first album "Olha Ze" won the Sharp Award 1999 - the highest honor of the Brazilian recording industry at that time, in the samba category.
In 2005, he released his second album "As arvores", which received the applause of specialized critics in most of daily newspapers in Brazil.

In 2006, Oswaldo won the Petrobras Prize Program. His third CD "Serenata" was launched in 2007. About this work, "O Globo" - the major daily newspaper in Brazil - published an article written by Joao Pimentel entitled "These are the new gems created by an inspired melody maker"

Press Clips

"Oswaldo G. Pereira makes his debut with "Olha Ze", a surprising sanctuary for influences from Geraldo Pereira to Noel. The album goes beyond sambas and choros with good lyrics. The artist presents a swinging funk of "Nega Ma", a soul dressed ballad in "Costa Dourada" and folk guitars in "Milho Verde".
Mario Marques
O Globo

"Oswaldo G. Pereira surprises us with his fluency in the samba style with "Olha Ze". Unlike mainstream artists seem to be doing, Oswaldo incorporates s punk carelessness which thickens his witty repertoire filled with syncopated metaphors."

Tarik de Souza
Jornal do Brasil

"Olha Ze" is a true finding in the realms of samba."
Ranulfo Pedreia
Folha de Londrina

"Oswaldo G. Pereira grew up listening to Noel Rosa, Pixinguinha, Moreira da Silva and Francisco Alves. The result could not be any different. The guy is a first-class composer. His music looks at the past but points to the future"

Gilberto Amendola Jr.
Shopping Music

"Oswaldo G. Pereira is indeed a great artist.His repertoire consists basically of sambas and choros, all which are extremely well written and performed.

Luis Pimentel

"When I heard the compositions that Oswaldo had done for his second Album "As arvores", I was sure that Noel and co were up there in the bar in heaven, proud of the most recent representative of samba in the twenty first century, just as the youth down here can be proud to be a contemporary of a great artist".

Ronaldo Bastos