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Féenose CD "Baby"
Féenose CD "C'est La Vie"
Féenose " J'ai Compris"
Féenose, KAYIRI-Record


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  • country:Burkina Faso
  • style(s):Hip Hop, Soul
  • label:Kayiri Record
  • type:Solo, Trio
  • instrumentation:vocal, piano, guitar
  • artist posted by:AHOI artists & events & tunes


Soul, Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, Traditional
The singer-songwriter and a pan-African interpreter, currently resides in Germany.
FÉENOSE is an artist committed to human rights. For this purpose she created the SIMA Association, fighting against FGM (female genital mutilation) ; engaged for better living conditions for people living with Albinism and contribute to the education of disadvantaged children.
Her career began in Burkina Faso with the age of 15 years in Burkina Faso.
In 2007 her first hip-album album "Da wou wô" came out.
In 2012 second album "Albinos" is an album with African and European vibrations.
In 2015 EP "c'est la vie" which is a special project, arranged of acoustic live music, simply thematizing of life.
In 2018 her 3rd album "Baby" is released by Label "Kayiri Record". The musical direction of this album is a mixture of several influences: emotions and inspirations with as a guideline Love in all its shapes.
She was nominated to Kundé 2018 (the trophies of Burkinabe music) in the category "Best Artist of the Burkinabe Diaspora" which is a sign of recognition of the African Showbiz and Burkinabè in particular.

Steps in her life:
Benefit at the cultural week of Sourou students in Tougan (Burkina Faso)
Concert Acoustic dedication of the new album "Baby", Gambidi Cultural Space, Ouagadugu (Burkina Faso)
Concert (DJ Nina accompaniment) at the "Mali has Rappers" contest, Bamako Youth House, (Mali)
Concert in Brooklyn, New York (USA)
Concert at Shrine, New York City (USA)
Invited to Washington for a series of interviews at the VOA (Voice Of America) Africa section: RM Show, Farafina Folie, Women's World; Washington (USA)
Guest on radio views and voice on "Sweet Madness" show, Montreal (Canada)
Concert in Switzerland at the cultural evening of the Bùd Yam association, Undervelier (Switzerland)
2-page article on FEENOSE in the big international magazine devoted to African and Caribbean women "Amina Mag", Paris (France)
Interview at Radio Legend of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)
Interview on Radio G (France)
International Official Release of the album "Baby". Dedication evening in Live Concert at Sojus7 in Monheim (Germany)