Irma Ferreira

Irma Ferreira
Irma Ferreira
Irma Ferreira
  • country:Brazil
  • region:Bahia
  • label:Ajabu!
  • type:Band
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, guitar
  • artist posted by:Ajabu!

Line up

  • Irma Ferreira (Vocals )
  • Sebastian Notini (Percussion)

Among Oríkìs and Àdúrás, the album “Em Cantos de Oriṣà” (Oriṣà Chants) by the singer Irma Ferreira, shows some of the beauty of the Afro-brazilian religious repertoire of the Candomblé, in a junction between tradition and contemporary music. The album has nine songs divided between prayers (Àdúrás) and chants (Oríkìs) that bring characteristics of each Oriṣà represented. In the songs we can hear the plurality of Èṣù, the femininity of Oṣun, the strength of Ògún, the subtleties of Iyemanjá, the mutable energy of Oyá, the justice and authority of Ṣàngo and the clarity of Ọlọ́jọ́ Ọní saluting the day. In this way, through the songs for the Oriṣàs, the album walks between music making and religiosity and brings this ancestral magic to the listener. In addition to Irma Ferreira’s voice “Em Cantos de Oriṣà” is produced by Sebastian Notini, also playing different instruments, percussion by Ogã Luan Badaró, guitar by Ruan de Souza and a small traditional Candomblé choir formed by Angélica Ferreira, Everton Neves, Luan Badaró and Jota Oliveira.It also features the wind instruments of Ari Haraldsson, in addition to the phonetic revision of the historian and researcher of Afro-brazilian religious culture Everton Neves. The album will be released on ajabu! records in June 2023.