AJDCRS (Association of Youth for Cultural Development, Rosso Senegal)

We are in the urban cultures with an eighteen-year old international Hip Hop festival in Rosso Senegal West Africa.

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Located in the Saint Louis region, in the Dagana department, 16 km from Richard-Toll, Rosso Senegal is a border town with Mauritania. Founded in 1854, it now has more than twenty thousand (20,000) inhabitants on an area of 68 ha. Rosso-Senegal is also a focal point of the surrounding villages and bordered along the river between Senegal and Mauritania. A gateway connecting black Africa, the Maghreb and Europe, Rosso is a strategic point in Senegal's development policy such as culture mixing and tourism. The integration of the village of Mbagam in 2009, moreover, strengthened the economic role of the commune on the national and regional scale.
The festival is an annual event which creates a space of expression for young artists from the Hip Hop culture, especially rappers from our zone and the region, hence its name: 2H for Hip Hop, and CI ROSSO which means in Rosso in Wolof. It is also an opportunity for the public to attend a cultural event and see artists from Senegal (Saint-Louis, Thiès, Dakar, Diourbel, Kaolack, Tambacounda, Fatick, Matam ...), Mauritania, Gambia, Guinea, Gabon, Norway, the USA and France, in a context where the offer is limited to sporting or religious events. We also wish, within the framework of this project, to initiate young audiences to the artistic practice, and to contribute to the development of the competences of the young cultural actors through the setting up of various training workshops.
The international hip hop festival «2H CI ROSSO " goes in the direction of the national policy relating to culture and in particular to urban cultures. Policy that the State of Senegal is implementing, in particular through the Development Funds for Urban Cultures.
A group of young people gathered within the AJDCRS, passionate about urban cultures and attached to their town, has been mobilizing since 2003 to develop the cultural life of Rosso.
Each year, are organized:
- Actions to promote artistic and cultural practices:
• initiation workshops to artistic practice (plastic arts, artistic creation around a theme introduced by reading a story) with new and young audiences
• donations of artistic materials for schools,
• concerts,
- At 2H CI ROSSO festival, with young artists from the town, national and international artists. It is the major event of the association each year. It aims to :
• present the artists through the concerts
• Create a link between artists and international exchanges (Mauritania, France, Gambia, etc.)
• Mobilize the driving forces of the territory around a common reflection through conferences related to the different aspects of local development
• Involve new audiences with cultural workshops for children and train young people in trades in urban cultures to promote their employability
We planning to include tourism in our activities
It is in this perspective that the association goes today even further with the construction of a House of Urban Cultures which equips the town and, more broadly, the department, new levers of cultural creation :
• a multipurpose room dedicated to artistic initiation
• an artistic residence space
• a recording studio
• an audiovisual studio
• a stage and exhibition spaces
• a training room

Since its construction, Maison des Cultures Urbaines has made available to young people and students in Rosso :
• holiday activities with neighborhood groups,
• a program called " classroom outside the walls " with the high school and college of Rosso.

participating in

  • WOMEX, Digital Edition, feat. Budapest Ritmo


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