Ajiak Home Productions

Ajiak Home Productions is a Swiss Association that seeks to develop and promote intercultural exchanges between Switzerland and other countries.

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Ajiak Home Productions' projects seek to create unique cultural experiences by being the bridge that brings together different musical genres and cultures. Our projects always have a social and educational aspect in our projects to democratise, and ensure the inclusivity of, music for everyone everywhere.

Most recently, Ajiak Home Productions was the tour manager for Ozadya (a collective of Swiss DJs/producers) in Colombia, where we organised:
a) DJ sets in bars and clubs,
b) meetings with local artists for them to make new music together,
c) masterclasses on music production
d) music production workshops in marginalised neighbourhoods of the cities which we travelled to
e) free concerts in the same neighbourhoods, for everyone to have access to Ozadya's music

We look to create experiences in which there is a profound human exchange through music.



participating in

  • WOMEX 2023


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