• country:United Kingdom
  • region:England
  • style(s):Pop, Rock
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band, Small Ensemble
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:pop group
  • artist posted by:Akamu SAS

Line up

  • Annie Whitehead (trombone and vocals)
  • Chris Cutler (Drums)
  • Heidi Heidelberg (Vocals and electric guitar)
  • John Greaves (Electric bass and vocals)
  • Karen Mantler (organ and vocals)
  • Mauricio Velasierra (Flutes and effects)


Formerly "Comicoperando"©, the band - with a new line-up and arrangements - pay tribute to one of the world's best-loved singers and songwriters in jazz and pop history. They revisit and reinvent Robert Wyatt's repertoire from a wide range of perspectives while remaining rooted in the composer's restlessly inventive and iconoclastic spirit.

Wyattando© is an original project created by Akamu.

• program for 90' set •

Alifib (Robert Wyatt) Rock Bottom (1974)
Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road (Robert Wyatt) Rock Bottom (1974)
Left On Man (Robert Wyatt) Dondestan (1991)
Forest (Alfreda Benge / Robert Wyatt) Cuckooland (2003)
Gloria Gloom (Bill MacCormick / Robert Wyatt) Matching Mole's Little Red Record (1972)
Sea Song (Robert Wyatt) Rock Bottom (1974)
God Song (Alfreda Benge / Robert Wyatt) Cuckooland (2003)
Maryan (Robert Wyatt / Philip Catherine) Shleep (1997)
Beware (Karen Mantler) Cuckooland (2003)
Alliance (Robert Wyatt) Old Rottenhat (1985)
September the Ninth (Alfreda Benge / Robert Wyatt) Shleep (1997)
Life is Sheep (Karen Mantler) Cuckooland (2003)
The United States of Amnesia (Robert Wyatt) Old Rottenhat (1985)
Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road (Robert Wyatt) Rock Bottom (1974)
Gharbzadegi (Robert Wyatt) Old Rottenhat(1985)
Team Spirit (Bill MacCormick / Robert Wyatt) Matching Mole's Little Red Record (1972)
The Official Robert Wyatt Fan Club Song (Karen Mantler)

Other songs that they could be play:

Just as You Are (Alfreda Benge / Robert Wyatt) Comicopera (2007)
Memories (Hugh Hopper / Robert Wyatt) Faces and Places Vol. 7 (1972)
Old Europe (Alfreda Benge / Robert Wyatt) Cuckooland (2003)
Out of the Blue (Alfreda Benge / Robert Wyatt) Comicopera (2007)
Soup Song (Brian Hopper / Robert Wyatt) Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard (1975)
The British Road (Robert Wyatt) Old Rottenhat (1985)
The Duchess (Robert Wyatt) Shleep (1997)