Fernando Ferreira

Fernando Ferreira
Fernando Ferreira
CD Mestiço
CD Mantenhas


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  • country:Guinea-Bissau
  • region:Lisboa
  • style(s):World Pop
  • label:AVM Music Editions
  • type:Solo
  • gender:male
  • artist posted by:Alain Vachier Management

Line up

  • Fernando Ferreira (Vocals)

Fernando Ferreira, was born in Guinea-Bissau, but at the age of five he moves with his family to Cape Verde.

His father, a mornas singer, influences the way he hears and feels the music. But it was not only with the influences of morna, tabanca, coladeira or lundum that he grew.

Brazilian music also entered his life during adolescence through his sisters. The great composers and performers Caetano, Djavan, Gil, João Gilberto and others became part of his musical influences. With his mother, he discovered the nostalgia of Fado.

In the school environment, during high school, he forms, together with some colleagues, the band “O Bando”, that allowed him to access the music of José Afonso, Fausto, Sérgio Godinho, José Mário Branco, among other portuguese musicians, as well as the entire estate of traditional portuguese music that resulted from the research of Giacometti and Lopes-Graça, among others.

A multi-faceted artist, he enters the world of theater working with different personalities from Talma's art. Filipe la Féria, Juan Font (Els Comediants), Guilherme Filipe, Fernando Gomes among others, going through different genres, from musical to drama. He made television participating in TV series, and also cinema, in films such as “O Ralo” by
Tiago Guedes and Frederico Serra and “O Herói” by Zezé Gamboa awarded at the Sundance festival.

It is in the context of countless experiences and influences that he tests for the School of Music at the National
Conservatory where he will be tutored, in singing, by the Professor Maria Cristina de Castro.

In 2010 he fulfills his dream and edits his first album “Mestiço”, an author's edition with Lusophony influences.

“Mantenhas”, he insists on treading this Lusophony identity that stubbornly structures the look, hearing and feeling of this artist. Fernando Ferreira no longer intends to guess tomorrows, so he insists on valuing more and more today which are the result of his many yesterdays.