Luís Pucarinho

Luís Pucarinho


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Luís Pucarinho
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Line up

  • Luís Pucarinho (Vocals, Guitar)

Luís Pucarinho is the founder and composer of "Pucarinho" which began in 2008 with Zeps (Slide Guitar), André Penas (Viola D'arco), José Silva (Bass Trombone).

In 2009 arises "Pucarinho Ensemble" a promotional record production (EP), where in 4 simple and complete themes, Luis Pucarinho reveals his identity. In this album a huge originality without borders takes place, where we are taken to a mindful Portuguese , sung in a smooth and particular voice that melts between the music that contextualizes and its landscapes. In this album is transparent the influence of the school of classical music associated with the author's song, which collects from the world the more traditional influences and merges into something intrinsically Portuguese. A mixture of intellectual and rude in these sounds and words that exposes life as it is through music.

In 2011, comes the album “ Na rua amarela “, is the first album of full format of Pucarinho, which features 14 original songs, sung in Portuguese by Luis Pucarinho, accompanied by the three permanent musicians and friends: André Penas (Viola d'Arco), Daniel Melico (drums) and Zé Peps (Folk Guitar). This album also features three guests: Jose Silva (bass Trombone), Afonso Castanheira (Bass) and Francisco Andrade (Sax Tenor).

“Na rua amarela” is edited by Vachier & Associados in May 2011. This partnership was followed by the launch Tour relying on the showcase “Na rua amarela”, it was through all FNAC's in the country. The show was prepared and Luís invites Afonso Castanheira (Bass) as an essential element. The Show was growing and touring a lot, for example the Festival "5 Elementos" in Oeiras, the April celebrations in Giraldo Square in Evora for an audience of 4,000 people, also to highlight, the program "Viva a Música" in Athena 1, Live at Teatro da Luz in Lisbon.

The show “Na rua amarela” continues on the road in 2012, each time more refined and functional in the preparation of major challenges that were already in sight. The project is invited to make a Video Clip by Jose Ricardo (Producer and independent director) and immediatky after followed many experiences of Video and TV, such as the participation of the project on a program called “A música portuguesa a gostar de ela própria” (Tiago Pereira) on the channel Balcony TV, the recording of a live DVD in collaboration with the film school "Restart", also on tv shows like “7 Maravilhas, praias de Portugal” RTP1 and "Verão Total" RTP1. In the same year This year also a jump in internationalization shows. Louis Pucarinho is invited to present “Na rua amarela” at the Teatro MJC du Lau (Pau, France), followed by "C´rculo Ribalta" with show-case in "Stones Café" in the city of Modena (Italy). This sequel ends up passing through Spain in places like “Entre Lusco & Fusco” (Pontevedra, Galicia) and ending in "SalaSom" in Cangas (Vigo, Galicia).

In 2013 Luís Pucarinho consolidates the work done in 2011 and 2012 with a few more passages on television and live performances solo. The experiences that “Na rua amarela” leaves behind, he come a crosses with new musicians and places that started to give shape to the next project.

This is a year of recording and preparation for an upcoming album still without a date scheduled.

In July 2014 L.Pucarinho started the album mixing process "Orgânica Mente Humana" under the supervision of Wladimiro Guerrido, however only in December this process was completed with Samuel Nascimento (Sassa) in the final mixing and mastering of this Work. Thus was born the work "Orgânica Mente Humana", the sum of feelings and experiences lived in the past times... There are six basic musicians also provided with 8 guests, some to stand out like the Fado singer Duarte and Jorge Benvinda (Virgin Suta).

The album "Orgânica Mente Humana" is released at the beginning of June 2015 in physical and digital format with the responsibility of the publisher AVM Editions (Alain Vachier Managemant Editions).

In 2018 Luís Pucarinho released the álbum “SaiaRodada”.