Terra Livre
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Line up

  • Adriano Dias Pereira (Clarinets, Flute, Saxophone, Vocals, FX)
  • Gonçalo Sarmento (Vocals, Guitar, Kora, Saxophone, Guembri)
  • Leonardo Marsh (Vocals, Guitar)
  • Pedro Pereira (Bass)
  • Rodrigo Cordomar (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Viola da Terra, Percussi)
  • Tiago Santos (Drums, Percussion)


They met 10 years ago in the magical mountains of Sintra, where they founded “Terra Livre”, a communal land that works as an experimental and co-creation lab which allowed them to practice what they preach, be it through sustainable agriculture, natural building or the minimising of human ecological footprint.

Gonçalo Sarmento (Terrakota), Leo Marsh (Chapadux, Green Echo) and Rodrigo Cordomar (Green Echo), three singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists join forces with Adri Dias Pereira (Chapadux, Green Echo), a master in woodwinds and electrónics, and with a solid rhythm section composed by Pedro Pereira (Pás de Probleme, They Must be Crazy) and Tiago Santos (Opaz).

In a time when the planet’s resources are scarce, and the rivers and oceans are polluted to the point of having more plastic than fish, and with the forests disappearing at an unbelievable speed, the urgency of a paradigm shift and the love of music keeps the group united for a Free Earth - Terra Livre.