Cartaz Womex 2021


Live at WOMEX 2021
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Line up

  • Carlos Salomé  (guitar, cavaquinho, percussion,)
  • Inês Vaz  (accordion)
  • Rui Alves  (drums, percussion)
  • Sérgio Costa  (piano, organ, flute, guitar)
  • Vitorino  (vocals)

Over a 45 year career, Vitorino has become a symbol of the style of Portuguese popular music rooted in the Alentejo region. Born into a musical family, he began to write songs in the late 60s as an exiled Fine Arts student in Paris. There he met fellow exiles Sérgio Godinho and José Mário Branco and became involved with the political artistic resistance to the authoritarian regime at home. He returned to Lisbon to participate in the famed March 1974 concert, I Encontro da Canção Portuguesa, a rousing precursor of the Carnation Revolution one month later. His 1975 debut contained several songs that achieved anthemic status. Through an extensive discography of solo projects and major collaborations, Vitorino has kept the Alentejo flag flying, an iconic chronicler of the lives and loves of the region's people.

The Musicians
Carlos Salomé (Guitar, Cavaquinho, Percussion)
Carlos Fernando Salomé Vieira was born at October 9th of 1954. Has a degree in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon and a Master degree in Education. Was initiaded in music among his family environment, his father, uncles and brothers. Carlos was an accompanist of José Afonso, Adriano Correia de Oliveira, Janita Salomé and other friends and since always has been playing by the side of his brother Vitorino Salomé, founding member of the Grupo de Cantadores de Redondo. He also integrates Sons da Fala and is a member of the project Lua Extravagante with his brothers Vitorino, Janita and also Filipa Pais.

Inês Vaz (Accordion)
Inês Vaz, born on July 10th 1988, in Lisbon, started her musical studies at the age of 6 with with professor José António Sousa, at Escola de Música Semibreve. Besides studying Instrument and Music Training with his teacher, he also studied Chamber Music with Professor Paulo Jorge Ferreira. Early on she was awarded prestigious prizes in the accordion area, both solo and chamber music. Her academic background in music was mostly dedicated to the classical / contemporary style, although her growing interest in Jazz led her to study harmony and improvisation with Professors António Palma and Victor Prieto. In his academic career he also has a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, completed in 2011 at the Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz. He divides his life between teaching accordion and piano at the Academia de Música Desafios (since its formation), performance, composition and musical production. His most recent projects are the instrumental duo Ciranda (accordion and trumpet), and Velvet Quintet (accordion and string quartet). He has collaborated as a soloist with the Gulbenkian Orchestra and Choir, Camerata Atlântica. He has collaborated and continues to collaborate with various artists, especially Vitorino and Salvador Sobral.

Rui Alves (Drums, Percussion)
A drummer and percussionist, he was part of the quintet for Júlio Isidro's "Festa é Festa" program. He has collaborated with António Variações, Rui Veloso, Jorge Palma, Janita Salomé, Sérgio Godinho, Julio Pereira, among others. He was a member of the groups Ravel, Bláblá Magazine, Cool Hipnoise, Bobby Mastergroove, Ala dos Namorados, Rádio Macau, and Quinteto Tati. He is currently accompanying Vitorino, Refilon, Funkonections, Os Instantâneos, Dixie Gang, Real Combo Lisbonense and JP Simões. He has taught drums at Hot Club, and conducted music workshops for children at CCB and Casa da Cerca.

Sérgio Costa (Piano, Organ, Flute, Guitar)
Multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and producer. He studied at the Coimbra Conservatory and at the Coimbra High School of Education. Ainda em Coimbra integrou os Bellechase Hotel. Since 2000 in Lisbon, he has collaborated with JP Simões, having composed and directed the Ópera do Falhado and founded with him the Quinteto Tati. He studied guitar at Hot Clube de Portugal. He currently works as a keyboardist and arranger for Vitorino, producer - OqueStrada, Mimicat, Chen Liony - and guitarist/composer - LoboMiau.