Egschiglen Trio
Egschiglen Trio
Uuganbataar Tsend-Ochir
Amartuvshin Baasandorj
Yesun-Erdene Bat


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  • country:Mongolia
  • region:Mongolia
  • style(s):Asian, Classical
  • label:Heaven & Earth
  • type:Small Ensemble
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, percussion, string, unplugged, lute
  • artist posted by:alba KULTUR

Line up

  • Amartuwshin Baasandorj  (khöömii solo vocals, tobshuur)
  • Ariunaa Tserendavaa  (dance )
  • Uuganbataar Tsend-Ochir (tobshuur, ih khuur, flutes)
  • Yesun-Erdene Bat (moriin khuur, hel khuur, khöömii solo vocals)


Egschiglen is an ensemble of Mongolian master musicians (founded in 1991) who have been pursuing a common goal to present musically impressive and artistically diverse music: Firmly rooted in the traditional musical cultures of Mongolia, these musical treasures form the starting point for their contemporary compositions and interpretations. The musicians take ancient sounds and let them merge with personal experiences and encounters of today. This gives rise to musical adventures that allow us to rediscover the traditional and archaic while at the same time crossing cultural borders and traveling through artistic genres.