Lee Na-rae - Pansori

Lee Na-rae
Lee Na-rae
  • date:09 Jan 2020 - 22 Jan 2020
  • area:Germany
  • style(s):Asian, Korean Classical
  • status:published tour
  • continents:Asia
  • tour posted by:Alba Kultur

Confirmed Dates

09.01.2020 Remscheid
10.01.2020 Detmold
13.01.2020 Gütersloh
14.01.2020 Hamm
15.01.2020 Düsseldorf
16.01.2020 Wuppertal
17.01.2020 Detmold
19.01.2020 Solingen
22.01.2020 Köln

Offered Dates

January 2020


Lee Na-rae is a traditional singer ( 'Sorigun'), which is especially dedicated to the role of women in traditional pansori art. Pansori has evolved under the influence of Confucian culture. With their concert program it sheds new light on the legendary "Byeongangseo-ga" narrative that is a particularly strong example of patriarchal values ​​in the genre pansori, by focusing on the perspective of the unfortunate female figure Ong-nyeo and reinterpreted them. It combines a wide range of sounds with the spoken word and puts it into music, in other musical influences are free included. Invites you to the tradition of pansori with contemporary creative energy.
Lee Na-rae has a degree of Gukak National High School (the national center for traditional music) and a bachelor's degree in traditional Korean music at Seoul National University.
She has won the grand prize KBsori price of "Sori Frontier" in Jeonju Int'l Sori Festival 2017 (selected as an outstanding work of the New Gukak Experimental Performance Competition 2015. Lee Na-rae has been with the production "Ong-nyeo - A cursed woman "in 2018 selected for a showcase as part of the "Journey to the Korean Music" by the Korean Ministry of Culture.