Niyireth Alarcón - Magical Andean musical worlds

Niyireth Alarcón
Niyireth Alarcon
  • date:09 May 2020 - 28 May 2020
  • area:Germany
  • style(s):Folk, Latin
  • status:published tour
  • continents:Latin America
  • tour posted by:Alba Kultur

Confirmed Dates

10.05.2020 Paderborn
11.05.2020 Bergkamen
13.05.2020 Köln
14.05.2020 Wuppertal
17.05.2020 Brilon
19.05.2020 Hamm
20.05.2020 Düsseldorf
22.05.2020 Gelsenkirchen
25.05.2020 Bocholt
28.05.2020 Remscheid

Offered Dates

May 2020


Niyireth Alarcón is known beyond the borders of South America for their research on Andean music of Colombia and for its innovative interpretations of this particular repertoire of traditional Latin music. It is currently considered the most important representative of the young generation of Colombian music scene considered for this music. Niyireth Alarcón has won major national awards, including the National Competition for folk music interpretations in Neiva Huila and 1994; the national competitions' Luis Carlos González in Pereira and Risaralda 1996 and in Santafe de Antioquia 1997. In Geneva / Switzerland, she was awarded the first place in the Mono Núñez Festival (1993). She was invited by prominent Colombian artists of early music and classical music as a singer for studio recordings and concerts and has recorded ten albums of his own during her nearly 25-year artistic career, most recently in 2016 'Música Colombiana Andina' for the British ARC label. Your Bambuco version of "Cerro Lindo" the composer Jorge Humberto Jiménez was released on the album produced in Argentina "NO A LA MINA" 2012, to fight against the deforestation of the rainforest. The piece of Niyireth Alacón is a description of the social and environmental impacts caused by greedy business practices and destroying forests and water. On the CD production also figures such as the Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galean, their interpretation of the Caballito de Ráquira the composer Gustavo Adolfo Rengifo occupied the number one of the top 20 of the National Radio of Colombia (2012) for four consecutive weeks.
In countless concerts she has performed in Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador and Europe in France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Italy.