World music band with original compositions inspired by the music, poetry and dance from the ancient Silk Roads, with a rather modern approach.

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More than a band, Albaluna are a concept. Through a multidisciplinary fusion between music, poetry, and dance, inspired by the ancient cultures of the Silk Roads, emerges the originality of this project. Albaluna employ their passion for the History of Civilizations as a starting point for a sustained struggle against prejudice and intolerance between cultures. The artistic dialogue expands around age-old conceptions and an unmasked modern approach.
Having celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2020 and with five records in their discography, the band embraces an already vast national and international curriculum, having performed in many European countries, as well as in Morocco, India and China.

Albaluna was founded in 2010 and is led by multi-instrumentalist and composer Ruben Monteiro. The group dedicates itself to musical, historical and cultural research and to the creation and arrangement of musical pieces. Mainly original, these are highly inspired by the cultural continuum which unites the peoples around the Mediterranean Sea and the three cultures that define the civilisational heritage of the Iberian Peninsula.
Using as many antique instruments from various parts of the world as modern instruments, the six musicians present an energetic show, full of distinct musical aromas, embracing multiple genres, such as world music, prog rock and metal, folk, and fusion.

From 2010 to 2014 the band released two EPs: 2010’s 'D’antes' and 2012’s 'Marca Antiga', focused on medieval Iberian and European music.
In 2014 they presented the entirely original full-length album 'Alvorada da Lua'. The performance of the song “Anascer” won the international “Show of the Day” prize, attributed by Balcony TV.
July 2016 saw the release of their third album, entitled 'Nau dos Corvos'. This record clearly demonstrates a shift in the band’s sound, carried out by member changes and knowledge acquisition. Thus Albaluna arrived to a safe haven, influenced by Turkish and Balkan music. The Nau dos Corvos tour reached multiple countries, including Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and India.
To commemorate the first anniversary of that album the group released the EP 'Nau dos Corvos – Lado B', comprising prog metal and alternate versions of previously released songs. One of them, “Hija Mía”, features Helena Madeira, a Portuguese world music singer. This EP gave birth to a new and heavier version of the band, the “prog metal meets ethnic music” show.
The last year of the Nau dos Corvos tour (2018) stood out for its intensity and diversity concerning new stages. In October 2018 the band was involved in an Indian tour which lasted eighteen days. This journey across New Delhi, Kolkata, Tepantar and Kalimpong included many concerts and collaborations with Indian musicians. The release of the single 'Gargull', in January 2019, marked the beginning of the band's new era. That year Albaluna's international performances included India, Morocco, France, China, Spain, and Montenegro. In October they released the ethnic prog album 'Amor, Ira & Desgosto' ("Love, Wrath & Grief"), from which originated a conceptual and triparted spectacle which wove poetry, through the Portuguese word, with music, dedicated to so many influences, from Turkish music to progressive rock.

In 2020 the band released 'Rotas Romani', based on the Roma diaspora throughout the world; and the EP 'Ensemble Intercultural', a collaboration with the immigrant community of Torres Vedras.
This year also saw the creation, recording and preparation of a new concept, album, and show. "Heptad", released in the spring of 2021.

Albaluna hereby present their latest album 'Heptad'. Inspired by the cultures of the ancient Silk Roads, and shaped as well by traits of modernity, the conceptual piece comes to life as a combination of music, poetry and dance. Heptad depicts a story that levitates in search of a catharsis, and which transports us into a sensory and deeply introspective voyage.
As for the show, Albaluna revisit many moments of their course, remembering past travels and memories, and revealing Heptad as a leap into a new future.
The artistic dialogue expands around age-old conceptions and an unmasked modern approach. The band creates soundscapes with instruments originally from the geographic areas corresponding to the vast arms of the ancient Silk Road; dance paints, through the colours of the garments; and poetry gives voice to the feelings and reflections of this myriad of cultures.
The ambiance of this intense onstage act is fuelled by the band’s own creativity and unending energy, along with the profound intimacy and introspection offered by some more peaceful moments.

RUBEN MONTEIRO – Afghani rubab, Turkish bağlama, Arab oud, hurdy-gurdy and vocals
CHRISTIAN MARR’S – bass and vocals
RAQUEL MONTEIRO – violin, medieval vielle, dilruba and vocals
DINIS COELHO – darbuka, riq, tombak, tablas, davul, bendir and daf
CARLA COSTA – Turkish ney, low whistle, bagpipes and dance


participating in

  • WOMEX 2023
  • WOMEX 2022
  • WOMEX 2021
stand number WOMEX 23: 106-111


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