João Frade
João Frade Trio


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  • country:Portugal
  • region:Algarve
  • style(s):World Jazz
  • label:Kimahera
  • type:Band, Trio
  • instrumentation:instrumental, jazz combo
  • artist posted by:ALG Eventos

Line up

  • João Frade (Acordion)
  • Micael Oliveira (Drums)
  • Yarel Hernandez (Bass Guitar)


Solilóquio is the title of João Frade’s latest album. Originally from the Algarve, the musician has participated in some of the most important musical projects throughout his career, both in Portugal and abroad, alongside names like Maria João and Mário Laginha, Mariza, Pedro Jóia, Lura, Jorge Pardo and Munir Hossn, among others. He has won countless awards throughout his career.

The artist is now performing his new work, which was created and recorded from scratch during an artistic residency at the Musibéria centre in Serpa, and then launched in February 2019.

A trip through the artist's musical imagination provides us with the best condiments that can be found in Iberian culture, which are then concentrated and mixed with other influences that have also been very present throughout his artistic career, such as musical improvisation, classical and world music.

João Frade carries the weight of the musical heritage brought by the Algarve accordion, as well as all the musical genres linked to the instrument in the southernmost region of the country. Examples are traditional Portuguese music / dances such as the Corridinho, Bailes de Roda (circle dancing) and Sagorrinha, among other subgenres.

Always performed live, whether as a solo or by a Trio, this music is supported by a rhythm section that gives its compositions a greater level of mobility and suppleness. The often-simple melodies rely on more sophisticated harmonies and patterns and less common rhythmic sounds.

The musician thus gives audiences a fresh, unique approach to the accordion as an instrument, but also new compositions, making each performance a unique, unpredictable event.

A cumplicidade e energia do trio liderado por João Frade, com a participação da secção rítmica cubana residente em Madrid são, indiscutivelmente, uma inevitável marca desta formação.
Michael Olivera e Yarel Hernandez procuram o diálogo constante numa dinâmica de proposta ao solista e criando ao vivo um balanço ímpar.

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