Alpentoene - International Music Festival

ALPENTÖNE 12-14 August 2011
International music festival for contemporary alpine music - Altdorf / Switzerland

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ALPENTÖNE - International Music Festival
Altdorf / Switzerland
12-14 August 2011

Alpentöne is a 3 days lasting biannual international music festival with the purpose to promote musical projects and concepts that deal with the tradition, roots and sounds of the alpine cultures. The festival with it’s high reputation is run every two years by the municipality of Altdorf in the Canton of Uri, Central Switzerland, close to the Gotthard massif.
Alpentöne invites musicians and groups from the alpine countries: Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland. In addition musicians from other regions are invited as long as their music has connotations with alpine themes. This can be a contemporary look at alpine folklore, landscapes or sounds as well as new performing interpretations of alpine phenomena. Alpentöne has no stylistic limitations. Contemporary classical music, Jazz, Folk, Rock and miscellaneous forms are welcome to participate in this unique festival.
Many venues are at disposition. The concerts in the tent on the Lehnplatz, in the middle of Altdorf, are free of admission for the audience. All the other concerts take place in the grand hall of the “Tell Festspielhaus”, the Schlüsselsaal, the baroque St. Martin's church and different venues in and around Altdorf. We choose for every group the right place that fits best to their musical concept.
Most of the concerts will be broadcasted live by the Swiss Radio (DRS).

Alpentöne est un festival de musique d’un genre très spécial. Il présente des projets musicaux venant de toute la région des Alpes et qui s’engagent dans la tradition alpine. La municipalité d’Altdorf dans le Canton d’Uri organise le festival tous les 2 ans.
Durant 3 jours au mois d’août et dans un cadre ouvert et familial, des musiciennes et des musiciens venant des régions des Alpes de l’Europe, présentent leurs projets actuels, authentiques et créatifs. Alpentöne présente une musique folklorique, très éloignée du „Musikstadel“; va à la recherche de racines primitives et les relie à des formes musicales modernes du Classique, du Jazz, de l’Avantgarde et aussi de la musique Rock.

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