Altafonte Network S.L.

ALTAFONTE is the #1 distributor for Spanish independent labels, covering services for all formats from streaming of singles to vinyl albums.

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ALTAFONTE is the #1 distributor for Spanish independent labels. We handle both physical distribution on the Spanish market (fnac, El Corte Inglés, Media Markt, Carrefour, Gong, Elkar, independent stores) and digital distribution worldwide (iTunes, spotify, deezer, amazon, emusic, 7 Digital, 24/7, Zune, Real, YouTube, Rdio, Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange, etc.) and have become an extremely attractive distribution partner for Spanish independent labels, as well as for international labels and distributors looking for a partner they can trust in on the Spanish market.
Our aim: to give the best possible service to the labels who have entrusted us the distribution of their productions and catalogues, and a quick and efficient delivery to our customers in Spain and the whole world.
Our labels: we handle specific distribution services for labels and catalogues like Mushroom Pillow, Subterfuge and Elefant (Spain’s 3 most important indie pop labels), Boa (nº1 hip hop label in Spanish language worldwide), Fol, galileo, ojo, zouma, elkar (top world music labels), El Volcán (Manu Chao, Spanish crooners and indie pop). By handling sales & distribution services for PIAS in Spain, the CDs of labels such as PIAS, Epitaph, Anti, Nuclear Blast, Domino or Warp are distributed to the stores by Altafonte.


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