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Today I will try to explain you what is the "Music of Becoming." Music is an art that is expressed in time domain. Usually improvised music spread over cyclic structures while a musical composition follows a linear path from a point X to point Y. The "Music of Becoming" does not follow any of this two methods. You imagine a storyteller who tells a story to children and that this fable, invented instantly shifts and changes through the questions and curiosity of the children and their emotional response in relation to space and place. The "Music of Becoming" comes from our breath in absolute Silence. Our mind is a "Tabula Rasa". No active thinking. The music does not exist until Performance begins. It is a composition in real time, an exchange and switching of energy in the form of sound that starts from the egregore of the concert-rite. The composer-performer is an antenna, a channeler who gets through the world of emotions that the sound awakens. A trip to a meta-time and a meta-space away from the logic of the music styles and the semantic traps of languages. An Art of the right hemisphere that can be navigated only by listening to our Soul through the power of INTUITION. (ALUEI)

article posted by:Louis Siciliano, ALUEI