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The award-winning composer not yet in his forty, after a brilliant career as an author of important film scores, says goodbye to his name along with all that it has represented so far.
ONE VIBRATION :) That is the latest double album’s title that Louis Siciliano’s published under his new name ALUEI.
A RECORDING that emerges after twenty years of research that Louis, in complete solitude, has experienced playing ancient traditional musical instruments (ney, duduk, bansuri, sitar, veena, pipa, shehnai, bouzuk, fiddle, cello, trumpet, sax, contrabass, lute) fused with the latest technology like Misa-Kitara, Zen Drum, the Ewi and even the iPad.
At the peak of his career, an album that reveals the vision of ALUEI’s existence, a real journey to the Multiverse in search of capturing the multiple vibration which relates to the ONE VIBRATION :), precisely.

At the 67th International Film Festival of Venice to the Italian Federation of Arthouse Cinemas. he won the Silver Ribbon and the “best composer of the year” award.

As to soundtracks and just to name a few on

We have literally been captured by his music when we have listened to “JOURNEY”, where Louis Siciliano, as a composer and a performer, has merged years spent on compositional pursuit of Contemporary music, Indian traditional music along with Jazz as artificial intelligence algorithms applied to musical structures: the synthesis and metamorphosis’ new frontiers of digital sound.

So Louis Siciliano has decided to literally "cause death" to himself
to be "reborn" as ALUEI, a sort of artistic initiation.

Just from the name we can guess ALUEI’s new way.

The vowel A vibrating with the Heart chakra
L as in the first letter of the word LIGHT.
The vowel U in resonance with the root chakra.
E as the “voice” of the brow chakra: the Intuition.
The vowel I reverberating with the chakra that connects us to the Great Soul of the Universe, to the Transcendent.

To understand who is ALUEI we need to know who was Louis Siciliano.

Born in 1975 in Naples, up untill the age of 17 Louis Sicliano lived at the foot of Mount Vesuvius.

In Naples, as a sort of a “street school”, he has learned respect for the different cultures and the open-mindedness that only a cosmopolitan city like that can give you.

It was not by chance that he chose to “reincarnate” in an area with a strong telluric energy.

ALUEI left Naples just after his teen-age to progress in his musical research.

He has much travelled to capture and transmit the world’s vibrations making them altogether into ONE that connects us to the Absolute.

Louis has investigated and interiorised the composition and performance’s various techniques, from the very old to the latest innovative ones.

The ALUEI’s Art and Gnosis reach spiritual points of contact with cosmology, physics, mathematics, hypnosis, cognitive science, artificial intelligence and with all the esoteric and initiation schools, from the Orphic–Pythagorean’s, the Hermetic’s, through the Alchemy to the Kabbalah Numerology.

For ALUEI, Music and the “Way to the JOY” experience the Ritual, the Sacred.
ALUEI introduces his new vision into a truly unique multi-sensory music performance, also thanks to the Rebel Alliance support, a worldwide company founded by the “marketing guru” anthropologist Prof. Vittorio Alberto Dublino.

His concert, where the most recent technologies are fused with the oldest traditional instruments, make the spectator share an authentic ritual where the vibration will be one unique energy field, one universal matrix, one LOGOS where we all are ONE VIBRATION :)

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