AMAEI – The Portuguese Independent Music Association

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The Portuguese music scene has changed. The old paradigms are not adapted to music creators starting new careers in the country. In a way, the keyword to understand these new approaches to musical careers being built is “autonomy”.

Within that context, we see a crop of new independent artists and new independent labels throughout the entire country - from author’s editions, self-releases, to artist collectives and independent labels, the new generation follows no background rules, utilizing current technology to find their own space and niche audiences. The fewer intermediaries and the greater the creative freedom, the better.

However, in this picture of new creativity and entrepreneurship, it comes the need to reinvent the Portuguese Independent Association in refreshing ways. Globally there are common interests to defend and stand up for within the independent sector. This is AMAEI’s mission - and that's where we're at.



participating in

  • WOMEX 2022
  • WOMEX 2021
stand number WOMEX 22: 204-205


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