Amarrass Records

Connecting folk to the world through quality music production, artist tours, and festivals

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Founded in 2009 by four friends, Amarrass Records is committed to the production of quality music in a sustainable way. Built on a shared vision, passion, and love for music, and guided by the principles of fair trade, Amarrass strives to create an environment that encourages and nourishes the creative spirit of musicians and music lovers.

We stage festivals/shows, artist tours, music production & distribution, and work with artisans to revive the traditional art of instrument making.

Events – Our events combine the traditional with the contemporary, and celebrate the great musical cultures and traditions of communities from around the world.

Amarrass launched in 2010 with a production of The Manganiyar Seduction at Purana Qila in Delhi - an audio-visual spectacle featuring 40 folk musicians from Rajasthan. In 2011, we produced the first Amarrass Desert Music Festival held at Siri Fort and introduced world-class international and Indian folk acts to music lovers in Delhi. The festival is back this year on December 1 and 2 with an expanded artist roster, workshops and interactive sessions. We also stage smaller productions, tours and music programming for corporate events, clubs and venues.

Production - We have released 13 albums to date that have been received enthusiastically by music lovers.

These include: The Manganiyar Seduction (“A Singular Sufi Seduction - NYTimes”), recordings from last year's Desert Music Festival, and an ongoing series of field recordings. Since 2010, we have traveled extensively in western India to record musicians playing traditional music in their own environment. Two volumes have been released - Mitha Bol (nominated for the Folk Album of the Year award at the Indian “Grammies” - the GiMA Awards), and Banko Ghodo

The “at home” series features Sakar Khan and sons (Padma Shri Awardee, grandmaster of the Manganiyars, with his sons Ghewar, Firoze, Dara), Lakha Khan ("In the master's hand, the Sufi-influenced melody he coaxes from it (the sarangi) is transformative" – NPR), and Barmer Boys (“Mangey's (lead singer) voice needs to be heard to be believed” - Hindustan Times).

The label, and artists we represent, have featured prominently in international and national media including The New York Times, NPR, Rolling Stone India, BBC Radio, The Wall Street Journal,, Hindustan Times, Indian Express, Times of India, Big FM, Hit 95 FM, and more.

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  • WOMEX 2022
  • WOMEX 2021
  • WOMEX, Digital Edition, feat. Budapest Ritmo
  • WOMEX 2019
  • WOMEX 2018
  • WOMEX 2017
  • WOMEX 2016
  • WOMEX 2015
  • WOMEX 2014
  • WOMEX 2013
  • WOMEX 2012


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Amarass Desert Music Festival


Painted Caves

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