• country:Spain
  • region:Canary Islands
  • style(s):World Fusion
  • label:Amilkilometros Productions
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, brass, piano, guitar
  • artist posted by:Amilkilometros

Line up

  • HIRAHI AFONSO (Timple)


For Hirahi Afonso, traditional Canarian music could have been his natural environment in which he would have moved like a fish in water, but the timple has been the tool he has used to experiment and explore different musical styles. Hirahi is credited with renewing the music that emanates from the timple for a new generation. The timple player from Gran Canaria is a member of a new generation of instrumentalists who create beyond the music of Canarian roots, moving into places unexplored by the timple.

In his first album 'Memento', he brings together his own compositions that reflect the musician's life experiences and reflects his way of understanding the Timple and music, fusing traditional moments and themes with other styles and with jazz and pop voices and instruments. This album, recorded in Barcelona and New York, Afonso has been accompanied by two great musicians, Pau Figueres (guitar) and Daniel Farran (percussions) to offer a work full of sonorities and different musical styles interpreted with the traditional Canarian instrument. It should also be noted that Hirahi has had the outstanding collaboration of the singers Silvia PĂ©rez Cruz and Judit Neddermann in this work.

All the songs were composed by Hirahi in the Canary Islands, except for the title track, which came about when he arrived in Barcelona; "The music sometimes drifts into something less cheerful, but they are memories that I look back on with joy and not sadness. It's about emotions that happened to me at the time and they were all for the best. It doesn't evoke sadness and the cover photograph is in black and white because when you look back, everything is in black and white".