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Rota das Afinidades
Rota das Afinidades
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Release 2016 – CD ‘Rota das Afinidades’
‘Rota das Afinidades’ can be interpreted as a platform for arrivals and departures, a space of intertwining
memories experienced through a Pandora’s Box that opens and releases 16 new compositions such as “Rota das
Afinidades [Routes of Affinity]”, the song that gives the album its name, “Nómadas Ocultos [Hidden Nomads]”,
“Cais do Desassossego [Dock of Restlessness]”, “Orfandade [Orphanhood]”, among many others, which un-
ravel the “thread” of emotions in the souls of those who hear them.
Since the release of the first CD ‘Teias de Seda’ [Silk Nets] at the end of 2014, Caixa de Pandora [Pandora’s Box]
have performed on innumerable stages, both in Portugal, such as, the Fundação Oriente [Oriental Foundation],
TEDx 2015 as guest performers, and the Palácio da Bolsa [Stock Exchange Palace], and abroad, with a wide
range of appearances in Festivals and Cultural Centres.
Affinities grew and the routes extended to include appea-
rances and concerts in the East, namely in India and China. In
India through experiences with some major cultural figures
from this region, Gulraj Singh and Manoj Yadav, they collabo-
ratively composed and interpreted pieces for both the Hindi
market and Caixa de Pandora’s repertoire. As a result of this
collaboration, the track ‘Mann Marzi Mauji’ will shortly be re-
leased. In China, a meeting with Joe Lei – a producer, lyricist
and composer based in Hong Kong, has resulted in various
partnerships with traditional singers and instrumentalists, no-
tably Kit Lam, Michele Ng and Wong Kin Wai, and which gave
rise to the piece ‘House of the Swallows’, as well as various
concerts scheduled for 2016.
‘Rota das Afinidades’ announces the artistic consolidation of
the trio and unquestionably reflects the close understanding
of its members.
“(…) Caixa de Pandora reveal themselves when they play, and touch those who hear them.”
Nuno Pacheco in Público
“(…) three excellent musicians, two girls and a guy - Caixa de Pandora. They play really well, bursting with
talent! I’ve got an album here that’s well worth a listen. They’re basically virtuosos.”
Jorge Palma in DN
Rui Filipe » Piano
Cindy Gonçalves » Violin
Sandra Martins » Cello and Clarinet

Rui Filipe – a musician and composer with a varied
training, he entered classical music, and then divided his time between his various passions, among which are traditional music (working with Dulce Pontes on four albums and founding artistic groups such as Xaile and RosaNegra), and soundtracks
for dance, theatre and audiovisual pieces.

Sandra Martins – classically trained cellist, who
quickly became involved in traditional folk music
and in dance companies. She has worked with nu-
merous artists, including Rodrigo Leão and Júlio
Pereira. She was part of the RosaNegra project.

Cindy Gonçalves – classically trained, she chose to find her own expression from the outset, combining diverse artistic disciplines and collaborations, particularly in theatre, painting and dance. She belonged to the RosaNegra project.

article posted by:Ruca Rebordão, Ampla Portugal by Red Bridge Lisbon Lda