Dimitrios Kountouris a.k.a. Andreikelos was born in Athens, Greece in 1981 and was rased in Keratsini with his parents and his older brother. He finished Technical High School in 1999 as a Computer Technician and afterwards he studied in Collage as a Sound Engineer till 2001. In 2006 he got married and moved to the nearby city of Perama.

Since 1994 he has been listening to music and he started deejaying in 1996. A year later (1997) he began experimenting with music production and beat making. In the same year he and two of his best friends (Nikitas a.k.a. Benjamin [back then known as Profitis] and Kostas a.k.a. Efialtis MC) formed the group named "Apokalypsis" (originaly formed in 1995 but known with other names till '97 when it took its final name "Apokalyipsis"), a hip-hop group in which he has the role of a producer and a DJ. Parallel to that, he forms a Producing Team named "Bad Brain Productions".

In 1999 Apokalypsis release their 1st Album named "Itane Grammeno (It Was Written)" trough an Independent Label named Ankh Productions. Live performances and Radio Shows follow the next couple of years and at the end of 2001 they release their 2nd Album named "Samanthi" in which there are two members due to Efialtis MC resignation for his own personal reasons and because of that situation, Andreikelos also participates as a secondary vocalist and lyricist on Apokalypsis.

Right after the Album "drops", the two remaining members are obligated to join the Army for a year and a half.

In 2003, the group reforms and begins the creation of their 3rd Album "To Telos Irthe Noritera (The End Came Earlier)" which was released in November 2005 from their brand new and self owned label "Pigi Soundpieces".

Parallel to that, Andreikelos discovers a new lyrical talent the MC named Christos Pakiotis a.k.a. Megas and he produces his 1st solo Album named 4 Seasons in which he also participates as a DJ an also wrote and performed a song. The Album was completed in 2005 the same year with Apokalypsis's 3rd Album but due to unfortunate circumstances it is to be released in September 2007 from Big Fiasco / EMI Greece.

In between these two years (2005 2007), Andreikelos was working on his 1st Solo Producer Album with features of many respectful Artists of the Hellenic (Greek) Hip-Hop Scene on the Vocals, such as Benjamin of Apokalypsis, Nikolas of Razastarr, Efialtis of Apokalypsis, Megas, Michalaras, Killah P, and also new talented people like Gadfly of Trial by Error, Asteri, Ormemfytos, Dust Rhymes...

At the same period, he worked as an Executive Producer and a DJ on Asteri's debut Album "Den Niotho (I Don't Feel)". A pure hip-hop album from a new born talented MC: Dionysios Panagiotakopoulos a.k.a. Asteri. Andreikelos also wrote lyrics and performed them as a part of the Introduction track.

Asteri's Album was released in May 2007 through a collaboration of Pigi Soundpieces and Ihotron Productions.

Andreikelos's Album is to be released in September 2007, under the title "Oi Palirroies ton Hronon (The Tides of Time)" through Ankh Productions.

The completion of this Album was quickly followed by the beginning of the creation of Apokalypsis's 4th Album and also his 2nd Solo Album which is an Instrumental Experimentation a musical Hybrid with a mixture of many genres Classical, Psychedelic Chill Out & Rock, Trip Hop, Electronica, Turntablism and Others...

In the Future, no one can say what will pop up.

The next lines on this bio are being composed as time passes and will be filled in as soon as something good comes up.

Till then...

Peace to all y'all and stay tuned.