"Everything Changes (Ankh HXEI CD 007)" - Georgia Sylleou & Sakis Papadimitriou

Georgia Sylleou & Sakis Papadimitriou


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  • artist:Georgia Sylleou & Sakis Papadimitriou
  • country:Greece
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Ankh M&E- Intercity Radio Show
  • label:Ankh M+E
  • publisher:Ankh Productions

To be released in early 2009 by Ankh M+E

CD Track list:

Everything Changes

1. Everything Changes
2. Nannas’s Lied
3. Train To Berlin
4. The Cut Rope

• The Threepenny Opera:
5. Peachum’s Morning Hymn
6. Mack The Knife
7. Interlude A
8. Pirate Jenny
9. Interlude B
10. What Keeps Minkind Alive

• Four Songs By Hanns Eisler:
11. Lullaby For Working Mothers II
12. Lullaby For Working Mothers III
13. Song Of The Moldau
14. Ballad Of Marie Sanders

15. Everything Changes