"Jazz Society Thessaloniki 2007 (Ankh Jazz 0813-2)" - Jazz and Creative Music Club

Jazz and Creative Music Club

Jazz and Creative Music Club was created with the purpose to spread jazz and creative music into a wider audience and also to cover the need of those that love this music, to get to know each other, to get organized and associate. The base of the club is the city of Thessaloniki, but it also has members that are from other parts of Greece as well as members from abroad. The purposes of the club are purely for spiritual, educational and cultural meanings and are non-profitable. It is the support of cultural incentives to wide-spread jazz and creative music, but also any form of music expression that jazz has experienced in the bilateral influence, as well as the mixture and "meeting" with music types from all over the world through the paths of it's history. It is also the artistic relation with Greek traditional music and improvising creating music, among with the influences of Greek civilization on modern music.