A'mosi Just a Label

A'mosi Just a Label
  • country:Angola
  • style(s):Contemporary, Urban
  • label:Konono Soul Music
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • artist posted by:Ao Sul Do Mundo, Crl

Line up

  • Karlos Rotsen
  • Kristopher Chris
  • Steve Allingham


A'mosi Just a Label is an existential statement of this Angolan artist aimed at undervaluing the perceived importance of labels in art. Formerly Jack Nkanga, A'mosi released, in 2021, his 2nd album Konono Soul, though Alter-K, delivering an exquisite sort of new konono (traditional Bakongo music, his root) indie genre, with urban, contemporary arrangements, along with delicate intuitive poetry.